DIY Dahlia Paper Flower

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We've sharing the ultimate paper flower DIY for all you brides looking for décor projects that you could put together with your ‘maid. Even those not quite so keen on the tiny details. It doesn’t have to be exact and takes far less steps than many other DIY paper flowers floating around the ‘net.

Cardstock Paper, light weight Canson or Handmade Art Paper (any size will do)
Double Sided Tape
Round Cake Cardboards (find at Craft Stores in the Cake Section - we used 6”)
Paper Cutter or Scissors
Ruler & Pen
Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks 

Step 1: Start out by cutting your paper into long strips with a width of 4 inch.

Step 2: Then, stacking the strips, measure out rows of 4 inch and cut the strips into squares. 

Note: One flower requires between 40-50 squares.

Step 3: Use your paper squares to form little cones. Fold over the bottom edge and stick together the cone with double sided tape or a small amount of your hot glue gun.

Step: 4 With your cake round in front of you, start assembling the Dahlia Paper Flower by hot glueing the outer ring. Use the folded bottom of the cone to apply the glue and stick it close to the edge of the cake round.

Step 5: Continue to fill the flower by adding rows until you reach the center.


This is a fun project to do with your Bridesmaids or Friends far in advance! The beauty in these flowers is that you don't have to work perfectly exact.

To create a cohesive looking lot of flowers, purchase matching papers in a certain color group or pick papers with an ombre look in mind. Go with a wide or narrow range of different shades of a certain color and your flower decorations will look aaaahmazing!

You can create a range of different sizes too. Use larger cake rounds and slighly larger squares for some really big flowers or do the opposite for some smaller flowers.

There's an indefinite array of where you can use your paper flowers! Fill a blank wall with them, create a fun photo backdrop or stick them to trees, a ceremony arch or even to chairs. There's so many fun ways to use these Dahlias, so go crazy and pretty up your wedding day!!

Photography: Rahel Menig Photography / Event design & Planning: Lux & Jasper / Floral design: Fionna Floral