Paper flower part hats

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Tissue Paper, (2) bright colors + (1) metallic
Thin headbands, of your choice
Hot glue gun
Spray adhesive (optional)
Glitter (optional)  

Step 1:
Cut petal shapes out of tissue paper. Larger shapes in one color and smaller shapes in the other. Feel free to draw the shape out first or just "wing it"! You will fold your tissue paper into several layers so you will get several petals out of one cut, Approx 10-12. 

Step 2: 
Form your flowers by attaching the petals together. Fold and shape them as you wish. You will create couplets by gluing two (or even three) petals together. Once you have about 4 or so couplets you will glue them all together to create your flower. There is no "right" way to go about this, use your best judgement and creative freedom to create a flower shape that you love. You should have (2) flowers in the end - one larger and one smaller.

Step 3:
Roll up your metallic paper into a small ball and glue in place as your flower centers

Step 4:
Next, you'll glue your flowers into place onto the headband. The larger one is a little short of halfway and then the smaller directly next to it. 

(Optional) Spray your flower centers with a small amount of spray adhesive and add glitter for a little sparkle! 

Step 5:
Choose one tissue color and the gold color. Cut a small piece and fold. Cut fringe starting at the unfolded end and stopping just before the fold. Once you have two fringe pieces roll them together and glue them in place on the headband just under the smaller flowers.

Fluff your fringe and flowers so they look perfect and then voila! Your are ready to party! 


How cute are cute are these?

Project created by Jen Rios Design / Photos by Jeremy & Kristin Photography