DIY Succulent Bracelet

Instructions for Succulent Bracelet or Corsage

You Will Need:

  • Brass Cuff 1.25" Width
  • Oasis Floral Adhesive
  • Dry Sheet Moss
  • Succulent Cuttings-1" for focal succulents and assortment of various smaller supporting succulents to fill in around focal succulents  

To Make the corsage and floral bracelet you will need one 1.25" brass cuff, oasis floral adhesive, a little dry sheet moss, 3 focal succulents around 1" in diameter, and an assortment of various supporting smaller succulents to fill in around the focal succulents. 

To get started, put a little glue on the base of the cuff; only on the top and a small amount on the sides, leaving enough room on the sides to tighten the cuff on the wrist. Allow the glue and moss to dry a little bit. 

While the glue and moss are drying, prep your cuttings - make sure there are no bad leaves on the bottom of succulents and the stems are flush with the base of the succulents. 

Put a small amount of glue on the base of the succulent. Then place succulent to the bracelet and hold firmly for about 30 seconds, making sure the succulent has securely adhered to the bracelet. Repeat this with the other focal succulents. 

While those are drying prep the supporting succulents.

Add supporting succulents around focal succulents, pressing and holding with each addition.

Before finishing, make sure all areas are covered and all glue residue is covered. If you notice a spot of glue residue add another small succulent until you have covered all areas and reached your desired look.  

You can make the bracelet a few days in advance from your event. Once your event is over and you no longer need your bracelet you can cut the succulents off and plant them.  

Thanks to the below creative team for sharing this project with us!

Photography: Jessica Lynn Tucker Photography
Florals: Poppy's Garden 
Jewelry Cuff: The Onyx Feather