Floral Crown

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Green Floral Wire 22" Gage or 20" Gage 18inch available at Michaels or San Diego Floral Supply and Shinoda (any wholesale floral supply)
Green Floral Tape (I like to use the dark Green, blends in with most greens) available at Michaels or Shinoda
Ribbon (optional)
Scissors, Wire Clippers and Floral Clippers
2 stems of Italian Ruscus (You could substitute Ivy for this crown)
5 or 6 Blooms with a 2 inch stem (Garden Rose, Veronica, Scabiosa Pod, Green Ball, and Wax Flower)
5 or 6 Cuttings of desired Greens (Eucalyptus, Seeded Eucalyptus, or Silver Dollar Eucalyptus)

Step One: Taking 2 of the Green Wires and overlapping them by about 2 inches, tightly wrap the floral tape around, making one long taped wire. (taping wire is done by rolling the tape between your thumb and pointer finger and pulling down, I usually start in the middle to attach the two wires and then go top to bottom.) Make sure the tape is tight. 

Step Two: Twisting the Italian Ruscus around the taped wire (the wire gives the Ruscus flexibility and a foundation for the flowers). Measure the head for the size of the crown and bend the Ruscus and Wire into a circle of that size. Keep twisting the wire and Ruscus until you have the right size of a wreath. Try it on at this point to make sure it isn't to small or large. For Ivy you can make the wire circle first and then wrap the Ivy around it.

Step Three: Wire the Roses, this is done by poking the wire through the base of the Rose and pulling it halfway through and then bending it down. Then tape the Rose and wire together all the way down. This will give the Rose flexibility and strength. 

Step Four: Cut several pieces of wire into half lengths. Pick your front and back and begin by laying the Rose on the wreath and wrapping the wire around the stem to secure it to the crown, leaving a tail of wire. Then lay the next flower, filler or greenery in place and wrapping the wire to firmly secure to the crown. Make sure to cut any unneeded stem to keep it from getting bulky.

Step 5: Make sure the flowers are all securely attached and then wrap the floral tape tightly over any exposed wire. Make sure to snip any wire that is poking out. Add Ribbon if desired.

Try it on to make sure it fits and which way it will look best. Give it a trim of any dangling leaves if needed. I store my Crowns on the velvet hangers in a cool place to keep it from getting damaged until time to be worn. You can also spray it with a floral preserve like Crowning Glory to keep it fresh.

Floral crown created by Sweet Blossom Designs / Photo by Jessica Claire Photography