DIY holiday wreath

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Bows and Arrows collaborated with Apryl Ann Photography to share a DIY that we're all in need of- holiday wreaths. They can be kind of intimidating, right? They look SO pretty, you see a zillion ways to make them on Pinterest, but then you run out of time and end up buying one. Tsk, tsk. Well take a look at the wreaths down there. They look simple enough, yes? You're going to make one of these this weekend, watch. They're that easy!


Olive leaf, clippers, scissors, floral tape, straight wire and ribbon

Step 1: Wrap straight wire with stretchy floral tape.

Step 2: Bend the wire to make a circle and secure the two ends with floral tape

Step 3: Cut small branches from large olive tree branch and attach small branch with tape and layer the next branch covering the bottom of the one before.  

Step 4: Tie on the ribbon.