Moss Flower Girl Purse

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Moss Floral Purse from a Floral Supply Store (Shinoda) (Any Small Purse will work)
Several Stems of flowers and greens with 4 inch stems
2 Stems of Moss Green Chenille Stems (Pipe Cleaners)
Scissors and Floral Clippers

Step One: Gather all your supplies and flowers, giving each flower a fresh cut. Wire any roses if needed.

Step Two: Make a small bouquet out of the greens and flowers and securely wrap a chenille stem around the bouquet.

Step Three: Cut the bouquet to the length that will fit inside the purse with the small bouquet peeking out. (you can fill it with several mini bouquets if you desire) attach the bouquet firmly to the handle of the purse with the remaining chenille stem and add bow of multiple ribbons to dangle down. 

Flower girl purse created by Sweet Blossom Designs / Photo by Jessica Claire Photography