DIY heart floral backdrop

This surprise beachside proposal story was pretty sweet, yes? We were especially enamored with the DIY floral heart décor, which is why we were pretty flipping excited when Lavenders Flowers and Studio EMP offered to show us how to make one. (What a treat!) So get your wire cutters and foraged florals ready, folks. Here’s how to make a DIY floral heart display of your own…

- chicken wire
- wire cutters
- staple gun
- 2 found pieces of wood
- 2 buckets
- sand
- foraged florals such as willow eucalyptus, bougainvillea, jasmine, and pepper tree

Step 1: Spread out the chicken wire to desired width and cut with wire cutters.
Step 2: Staple chicken wire to found wood.
Step 3: Secure chicken wire structure in sand-filled buckets.

Step 4: Begin weaving the largest green (willow eucalyptus) in the desired shape. For this shoot we made a heart.

Step 5: Continue reinforcing the heart shape with the next largest green (pepper tree).

Step 6: Continue adding greens as needed. To get a natural, earthy feel, add the jasmine at the base of the structure coming out of the sand and wrap it around the wood pieces.

Step 7: Fill the heart in with the bougainvillea blooms. This gives it a nice pop of color and really brings out the shape of the heart.

There you have it! Happy crafting…

Project created by Lavenders Flowers / Photos by Studio EMP