DIY floral crown

Floral crowns are one of my favourite accessories to make, this is because you can be very playful and experimental with the materials that you choose and the shapes that you make.

I prefer to make the base of my crowns with a branch of fresh stripped willow. This is because I like to use natural materials wherever possible, but most importantly because of the shape and structure the willow creates. I picked this willow from a tree in my parents garden, and it’s almost beautiful enough without having to add any flowers to it!

Firstly, select flowers that are appropriate to the size of crown that you want to make. You should also select flowers that will last well out of water.

Next, strip the leaves from your willow, and wrap the willow around your head to ensure you get the right fit. Then wire the willow together to form a simple circlet. You can conceal this wire with floral tape or twine.

Cut each of the flower stems to roughly one inch in length, and then wire them individually. Once wired, wrap each of the stems in floral tape. This not only covers any sharp wires but also protects the flower itself, ensuring moisture is locked within the stem for as long as possible.

Place each of the flowers in the desired spot on your circlet, and wrap the wired part of the stem around the willow, building them up one by one so that each of the flowers are securely in place. Make sure that the flower heads are facing in the same direction and follow the shape of the circlet.

You can be as experimental as you like with the size and the amount of flowers that you use. I particularly like asymmetric crowns as they allow you to show off the natural beauty and movement of the willow at the same time as the flowers.

Voila! You have a beautiful, all natural crown!

Project created by Retreat Gatherings: Retreat Rome 2013 / Photography: Jen Wojcik Photography / Floral Styling & Design: Bo Boutique / Hair & Make-up: Pastel Make-up & Hair / Editorial Sponsor: Wedding Sparrow / Styling: Fine & Fleurie