Waterfall Braid

We're loving this beautiful waterfall braid we found on Once Wed. Such a perfect hairstyle for a bohemian bride! Click ahead to read how to achieve it.

Step 1: Part hair on it’s natural side. Grab a small piece and divide into 3 sections.

Step 2: French braid for 2-3 inches. This will secure the “waterfall” and make sure it doesn’t fall in your face.

After you’ve French braided for a few inches, drop the top section of your braid. It’s ok. Let it fall.

Step 3: Pick up a new section of hair from directly behind where you’ve dropped the top piece. This new piece acts as a new section of your French braid.

Step 4: Keep moving around the head. Remember, every time you grab a section of hair from the top of your head to add to the braid, let is drop and replace it with a new section.

Step 5: When you reach the other side of your head, secure the end of the braid with Bobbi pins. This braid can be a little tricky. But practice makes perfect.

(Photography by Our Labor of Love, Hair by Alison Brislin, Makeup by Kelly Shew)