Bridal Bouquet

You will need: floral or stem wrap tape and some floral wire (to support the weaker stems).

Your flowers / bouquet should work with your dress design, your body shape and how tall you are. When you think about what flowers you want in your bouquets please keep in mind "the season" and "where you are having the wedding". 

Hold your bouquet with both of your hands, arms slightly downward so that they are comfortably just below your waist line. Look in the mirror with your wedding gown/ dress on and this will help you determine the size and shape bouquet you want to hold.  

Step 1: Trim off the excess leaves and stems that you don’t want on your bouquet. Put together your bouquet and loosely wrap the wire around the stems in a spiral.

Step 2: Wrap your floral tape around the stems and then add a ribbon, long fabric strip, or vintage scarf around the bottom. Secure with a floral pin and voilá!