Palm Springs 30th birthday party

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There are but a handful of birthdays that should most definitely be accompanied by epic parties. One of them being your 30th! Lucky for us, Sarah Sherman Samuel of Smitten Studio did exactly that – threw an epic party of Palm Springs and Alice in Wonderland proportions at one of our fav estates, Casa Verona. While the invitation set the stage for a monochromatic color scheme for guests to arrive in black & white, the birthday girl stood out, donning an adorable gold sequins little number.

30th birthday invites

30th birthday invites

casa verona palm springs

casa verona palms springs

Pink flamingos are fun. Gold painted flamingos… amazing!

palm springs 30th birthday party

party cocktails

palm springs 30th birthday party

For my 30th birthday I knew I wanted to have a destination party to share with my closest friends, so we picked Palm Springs, rented this amazing house and went from there. I’ve always loved the whimsical sense of “Alice in Wonderland” but wanted to do a modern twist on it to fit my own personal aesthetic. My version is more “Alice in Palms Springs”… what happens when Alice meets the Rat Pack.

gold and black confetti

This theme was shown through over-sized bow headpieces, Alice and the White Rabbit Place cards, “drink me” labels on the glasses, top hats, cat mask, rabbit ears, gold painted flamingos, giant paper flowers, and the mix of fanciful patterns. Black bow ties served as napkin ties and double as party favors. As the party went on some of the guests wore them on their heads, around their neck and on their wrists as boutonnieres.

bow-tie escort cards

black, white and gold party decor

I designed and had printed all of the textiles which I then made the napkins, table cloths, and table runners from. I also made circle confetti to dot the table tops and gold geometric bunting to frame out the bar area. The centerpieces where made of candles and drinking glasses that I bought at the 99 cent store. I sprayed them all white, and then I painted the glass candles to look as though they were dipped in gold, and for the glasses that served as candle holders, I used a gold foil pen to pretty them up with a dot pattern.

black, white and gold party decor

dessert table

washi tape flags

palm springs 30th birthday party

palm springs 30th birthday party

party masks

chevron photobooth backdrop

chevron photobooth backdrop

Accessorizing in a photobooth is a must! For cute bow headbands and balloons like you see in these pics check out the Pop-Up Shop now! We’ve got fun and sparkly statement accessories from (like this super cute bow headband) and Geronimo Balloon Troopers (one of our fav ways to add color and fringe to your decor is with their balloon arrangements). *Sarah, you may have to throw another party just to include today’s Pop-Up Shop goodies! *

palm springs 30th birthday party

The happiest of birthdays to Sarah and a huge thank you for allowing us all to recognize that each birthday is yet another reason to get creative and throw one heck of a party!

Event Design and decor: Sarah Sherman Samuel / Invitation and Stationery Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel / Photography: Mike Carreiro of Studio Eleven / Fabrics: Sarah Sherman Samuel / Smilebooth: From the 100 Layer Cake Pop-Up Shop / Location: Casa Verona, Palm Springs, CA / Catering: Food Mechanic /  Make-up: Ximena Rolfe / DJ: Sven Barth

Social Love

Calie Rose on May 22, 2012

Looks so fun! Love the gold flamingos and the metallic colors...very pretty!

myka on May 22, 2012

love every bit of this party!

Jennifer @ Simple Gestures Wedding Favors on May 22, 2012

This birthday party looks very fun and stylish!!

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** on May 22, 2012

Ha, so funny! I had my 30th birthday in this same exact house! Here are my photos:

Gina on May 22, 2012

Absolutely stunning!

julie harmsen on May 22, 2012

brilliant. looks like an amazing party!

Ruth @ My Love Wedding Ring on May 22, 2012

This is SO stylish and yet looks so much fun!! Definitely bookmarking this for inspiration!!

Jenn @ HWTM on May 22, 2012

Seriously ADORE everything about this party - especially the gold bunnies and flamingos - how fun!:)

Rebecca @This Nest is Best on May 22, 2012

LOVE this party! So stylish and chic. Reminds me of my friend's 30th birthday party!

Courtney on May 23, 2012

Oh my, this was absolutely fabulous! Anything gold and chevron I just drool over! Would you mind to send me an email and let me know where you bought the gold dress from-I'm on a hunt for one for my bachelorette party! Thanks so much! Courtney Email- [email protected]

Wedding Photography Melbourne on May 23, 2012

I'm loving all the details at this party - gorgeous!

Anna on May 23, 2012

I MUST know where that gorgeous gold dress is from!

Renee on May 23, 2012

I too need that dress! LOVE it and a good gold dress is hard to find!

Cat on May 24, 2012

YEAH for celebrating the 3-0 in a big way! I had a little soiree for my 30th with a tented reception in my backyard with dancing, passed hors d'oeuvres, & signature was referred to as my TriDeca Jubilee ;)

Jacquelyn {Jacquelyn Jackson Photography} on May 24, 2012

Looks lovely!

Anne on May 24, 2012

What a talented lady. Looks like the best birthday party ever!

Hannah Read-Baldrey on May 25, 2012

Hi my names Hannah and I wrote a book called Everything Alice (, a make-up artist friend emailed me this post as she thought I would love it, well I do! I actually think Sarah is my LA alter ego! ( Im a London girl) - such beautiful photos, hope you had a great time Sarah x

audrey on May 25, 2012

Everything about this party is amazing!. Sarah, can I live in your birthday? Also... THAT TRAY!!! please share the info. xo

Nicole Zenner on May 25, 2012

Great inspiration and execution. I can totally get "Alice in Wonderland" meets "The Rat Pack." I hope you had a wonderful day!

Tanya {Bartender in San Antonio, Tx} on May 25, 2012

Love, LOVE the bar area! Very simple and not alot of clutter. The drinking straws and "Drink Me" tags are a nice touch... thanks for sharing

Victoria on May 27, 2012

Gorgeous party! Where can we find the flatware? I love that it is accented with gold!

Sarah Sherman Samuel on May 28, 2012

Thanks for all the sweet comments! Was definitely the best birthday ever :) FYI: Renee and Anna, The dress is from French Connection. Victorie: The gold flatware is form West Elm. and Audrey: I made that tray! They will be for sale in my shop as soon as I have it up and running :)

Sarah Sherman Samuel on May 28, 2012

Oh and Hannah... I totally have and love your book! LA alter ego for sure! ha

Mariana on Jun 5, 2012

Lovely! I would love to know what font Sarah used for the invite, love it!

Hannah Read-Baldrey on Jun 14, 2012

Glad to hear it! Would love to see your take on a Wizard of Oz theme... we have Everything Oz coming out next month! he he x

Ashley on Jul 18, 2012

What catering did you use? OI am having a party in the same house and was curious what caters are good in that area? Thanks!

Rachel (@charleyblk) on Jul 19, 2012

@TerryLanett @FoziaRabiyat @samba247 @Obrigada2u I love this #palmspring home to rent

L.Camille on Jul 22, 2012

LOVVVEEDD IT!! I'm already planning for mine and I have 2.5 years to go, but if it's looks anything like this it'll be a hell of a bash.

Masquerade masks on Jul 28, 2012

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Adele Nadine Traub (@Quiltedchuppah) on Jul 29, 2012

I just enjoyed everything about the style of this #party.

Ali Henrie on Sep 29, 2012

This is amazing! I am especially a fan of the gold flamingos.

Rachel on Dec 13, 2012

I was wondering how many people you had at your party? Did that many sleepover? I am considering booking the house for my 30th. Thanks!

Lori on May 23, 2013

Would you please tell me how wide your chevron pattern is? I want to use something similar, but can't quite figure out how wide the pattern is. I'd really appreciate your help!! Thanks!

sandy on Jul 22, 2013

Love this post and the photos. The emerald lawn around the house looks so inviting to pad around barefoot on a hot summer's day plus the yummy looking cupcakes. So pretty! Thanks for sharing, Sandy

Ryan on Feb 10, 2015

Cool post and photos. I am a blogger for a company called nachobirthday and we believe life should be celebrated everyday just like Sarah did. I know this was a old post but i sure the moment is now timeless

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