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The funky cake trends taking over 2024’s weddings and parties

May 9, 2024

It’s no secret that we love to follow cake trends (we do rank our top wedding cakes of the year each December, after all) but this year, it’s experimental bakers that have really stopped us in our scroll. There’s fruit, yes, and flowers. But not in the way you might think. This year, cakes are messy and imperfect. Some have tiers, some are domes—and did we mention that sheet cakes are back in a big way? Let’s just say, experimental is an understatement… And they’re the new must-have centerpiece at every wedding and party.

A spring wedding cake with cardamom, strawberry, vanilla, and dates, featuring fluffy swans by @dreamcaketestkitchen

A spring wedding cake with cardamom, strawberry, vanilla, and dates, featuring fluffy swans by @dreamcaketestkitchen. Swans are having a moment, whether buttercream or meringue, and they’re a pretty accent to add to your wedding cake.

2024 cake trends: messy and fluffy

With the fluffy cake trends, messy, melty piped frosting makes a ruffled effect and dollops of buttercream add texture for a playful vibe. Blooms are layered throughout, long stems still attached, in asymmetrical and organic ways, as if they are wildflowers growing straight from the frosting.

@by.gigi ruffle dome cake trends

Cake artist @by.gigi specializes in refined, sculptural cakes featuring intricate, artistic details. For this cake, she took a nod from the buttercream cake trend and opted for an imperfect style. And we love it just as much as her more structured designs!

 Amy Yip cakes

Amy Yip of @yip.studio_ created this messy, melty layer cake featuring flowers and big pieces of fresh figs and strawberries.

Dome Cakes

Amy Yip is also known for her “carved rock” cakes, which helped launch the new dome cake trend:

pink carved rock cake by  Amy Yip @yip.studio_

A pink and red rock cake, expertly carved then adorned with just a few single stems.

colorful dome cake by @maria___amaria

With dome cakes, even the smallest surface area can pack a big punch. @maria___amaria‘s birthday cake features edible flowers and buttercream swirls.

pink floral dome cake by @deaux_baker

Ranunculus and grasses “grow” from a pink and red Valentine’s Day inspired dome cake by @deaux_baker.

Naked Cakes

The naked cake lends itself beautifully to the more organic, imperfect cake trend with its alternating layers of yellow cake and creamy frosting. But the technique has evolved with flowers as sculptural details rather than simple accents.

floral naked cake trends by @fromlucienyc

Victoria sponge cake with strawberry sumac jam by @fromlucienyc.

fall floral naked cake @fromlucienyc @fromlucienyc crafted this 4-tier lemon olive oil cake with lavender Swiss meringue buttercream and lemon curd for a fall wedding.

Long Cakes

If you follow wedding trends, you know that long cakes exploded over the last year, with couples opting for cakes lining tables almost like runners. Innovative food and drink experiences are big in 2024, and a long cake offers up a more immersive guest experience.

long wedding cake trend by @roxannerosensteel
Bliss Braoudakis

@roxannerosensteel baked this cake for a couple inspired by Sandy Liang’s giant wedding cake, since sheet cakes offered up the best opportunity for a cake bursting with flavor.

long floral cake by picnicbakedgoods

An earl grey tea cake by @picnicbakedgoods, filled with lemon cream and finished in waves of vanilla bean Swiss.

Floral & Fruit

As evidenced by literally all of the above, 2024 cake trends are all about florals and fruit and how to decorate with them in different ways for bursts of texture and color. (Oh, and bows—always contending as a ‘garnish’, too.)

blackberry mountain wedding cake @butter.au blackberry mountain wedding cake @butter.au

This dome cake by @butter.au was completely covered in a mound of blackberries, and when cut, beautiful layers of cake, frosting, and jam await.

green floral greenery cake by @tongtongcake

We’d be reluctant to eat a cake by @tongtongcake, with their sculptural floral details.

fall floral fig cake @cakehouse.by.katrinaallan went all in with flowers, figs, and dried oranges in this gorgeous fall cake.

Sheet and Slab Cakes

floral sheet cakes by @joelle_eats_cake

As mentioned, sheet cakes are back for any occasion from a birthday party to a wedding, but they are elevated by vintage inspired piping, petals poking out every which way, and other whimsical adornments, like this pair by @joelle_eats_cake.

2024 cake by @sashimi1

A slab cake is basically a canvas for the dreamiest abstract art made of frosting, fruit, and flowers. This cake by @sashimi1 features flavors of passionfruit, vanilla, and white chocolate.

Swirl Details

Dramatic piped swirls and waves complement the flowers and fruit for even more texture, in these cakes…

@sunday.flourshop‘s bright pink dahlia cake with little chamomiles and swirl detail.

rainbow swirl cake 2024 by @thecakeupartist @thecakeupartist used this technique in a fun technicolor palette with bright blooms and a wavy acyrlic cake topper.

Which new cake trend is your favorite? Would you opt for any of these styles for your wedding day?!