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Booze-free craft cocktails for your wedding bar, with Curious Elixirs

January 19, 2022

Looking to offer intriguing booze-free options for your sober wedding guests to imbibe? Enter Curious Elixirs, makers of adaptogen-infused craft cocktails inspired by classics like Aperol Spritz, the Spicy Margarita, and the Negroni, all without the alcohol. Adding a booze-free cocktail to your wedding bar is the perfect way to invite *all* of your guests to celebrate, ensuring your sober friends have something just as thoughtful and tasty as your signature cocktail or favorite wines in hand.


We’ve got some recipe ideas to inspire your wedding bar, and in true 100LC fashion, color boards to match your drink and your wedding mood. So if you’re looking for something as sophisticated and exciting as your favorite craft cocktail but with organic ingredients and no refined sugars (AKA no hangover!), keep scrolling to find your new fave sip…

wedding cocktail Booze free cocktails

There are 7 Curious Elixirs to choose from, each with their own unique blend of organic ingredients, herbs, and adaptogens.

summer wedding colors

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Curious No. 1 is an ode to the classic Negroni, infused with pomegranate, rhodiola, and genetian for a bitter and brilliant blend.

Booze free cocktails Curious No. 2 is bright and spicy, like a spicy marg meets Dark and Stormy.

summer wedding colors

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…And we found the perfect color palette to match!

wedding cocktail


Booze free cocktails

Love a floral cocktail? Curious No. 3, a booze-free cucumber collins, is a refreshing blend of herbs, alpine flowers, lemon, cucumber, and ashwagandha to help guests de-stress.

Booze free cocktails

Wouldn’t it be fun to offer guests a variety of flavors, from Curious No. 4 — a non-alcoholic riff on an Aperol Spritz — to their limited release of No. 5, a smoky, cherry, chocolate old fashioned?

Booze free cocktails

It’s so important to make sure all of your guests feel like they’re part of the celebration, and seltzer water doesn’t exactly feel festive, you know?

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Booze free cocktails wedding cocktail

Find more booze-free cocktail recipes on the Curious Elixir blog, and shop curiouselixirs.com to try all 7 sophisticated, ready to garnish cocktails to stock your wedding bar!