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These farm fresh flowers will add the perfect DIY touch to your wedding

January 23, 2024

If the smell of farm fresh flowers are known to brighten your day, imagine how pleased you’ll be holding a bouquet of your favorite blooms throughout your wedding… Oh, and knowing you saved a small fortune, too. FiftyFlowers ensures you get that “wow” moment on your big day, while sticking to your budget timeline, and aesthetic. You can even choose how hands-on you want to be with your flowers, whether that’s having beautiful fresh bouquets crafted for you, a DIY kit to help you along, or budget-friendly bulk options that you can transform yourself! The best part? It’s all sent directly to you, fresh, on the exact date you need it.

DIY wedding flowers

How To DIY Your Wedding Flowers with FiftyFlowers

Wondering how it all works? It’s actually super easy and a great way to achieve your ideal wedding look even on a budget. FiftyFlowers offers three options when it comes to getting their flowers directly from their farms to you:

Done for you. For couples who want professionally arranged florals without breaking the bank. Simply choose the wedding collection that fits your vibe and FiftyFlowers will arrange your flowers for you. Just open the box, take out the flowers, and enjoy them on your special day.

DIY kits. Their DIY kits allow you to craft your own elevated arrangements with pre-selected flower combos and color palettes. These flowers are delivered to your door ready for you to arrange. With 170+ DIY flower combos, you won’t have trouble finding one that fits your aesthetic.

100% DIY. Want to save the most money, or be even more involved with the floral design process? You can choose to assemble your flowers from scratch—choosing your focal blooms, filler flowers, greenery and tools. Just like the other options, everything will be delivered straight from FiftyFlowers partner farms where they were grown directly.

DIY wedding flowers DIY wedding flowers

If you’ve always wanted to make your own wedding bouquet, but are a little nervous about ensuring it will turn out as polished as you envision, the DIY kit is the option for you.

DIY wedding flowers DIY wedding flowers

Are DIY flowers really more budget-friendly?

FiftyFlowers works with farmers directly to grow and deliver their fresh flowers. This allows them to pass cost savings directly to you, offering the same beautiful blooms you’d see in a floral shop at wholesale prices. They even guarantee that they’ll show up 100% ready to be hydrated, arranged, and displayed.


Want to learn more about FiftyFlowers and peruse their offerings? You can shop according to your wedding colors, their hand-picked flower combos, or even inspiration photos from past couples. Click here to get the ball rolling!