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8 chillable reds for summer entertaining

June 21, 2019
8 chillable reds for summer entertaining on 100 Layer Cake

Okay so not ALL of these wines are straight reds, but they’re all super duper delish even if a few veer into rosé territory. There are sooooo many interesting wines out there these days, and reds you can chill are some of our faves for this time of year. Your best bet is to find a local wine shop that delivers great recs, (favorites here in LA are Lincoln Fine Wines in Venice and Lou Wine Shop in Los Feliz), but if you don’t have a go-to spot, all of these will deliver.

1. Solminer sparkling rosé: We had a chance to drink more than a few glasses of their rosé at Outstanding in the Field on the Malibu Pier last month and it was outstanding! Yes, this one is sparkling, but we’re pretty confident in this winery’s passion for producing delicious celebratory beverages.

2. J Brix Coucou: Interesting varietal grown in San Diego County. Who new there was a burgeoning wine scene in San Diego! But it makes sense with the amazing Valle de Guadalupe so close.

3. Bulles de Miniere rouge:  Natural sparkling wine (pétillant naturel) perfect for a celebratory summer evening.

4. Albone Lambrusco di Modena: Got this rec straight from Lou’s and the price point says “must try”.

5. Martha Stoumen Post Flirtation Red: An insanely enjoyable, cutting edge natural red, according to Winestyr. (Which side note, kind of looks like an awesome way to discover new wine!)

6. Forlon Hope Queen of the Sierra Rosé: a completely different unfiltered rosé grown in the Sierra foothills.

7. Ronco Matto: Italian sparkling barbera

8 .Meinklang Frizzante Rosé: a lightly sparkling super delish rosé perfect for sipping on the porch with a nibble of cheese and other summer delights!