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Our top Do’s and Don’ts for 2019 weddings

February 18, 2019
colored floral ceremony decor

We’re well into 2019 at this point, aren’t we Cakies? OMG, it’s almost March!! How.

We’ve been thinking and talking a lot about where wedding trends are heading this year. It’s a constant topic of discussion while we’re working at Festoon, actually, so we thought we’d put together some of our top Do’s for 2019. Because everyone loves seeing new trends! But of course we’ve gotta start with trends that have run their course. Can’t have new without saying goodbye to the old, after all.

2019 Wedding Don'ts

(image credits: EtsySotiris Tsakanikas / Rachel HavelCarlie Statsky / Mi Belle / Kelsey Albright)

On our list for don’ts this year…

1. The circular floral ceremony arch. Listen, this one was soooooo cool when it first appeared on the scene! They are beautiful and impressive and definitely make a statement, but people, we have seen it. If you’re going do a floral arch for your ceremony make it something super unique, like this one made from flowering branches, or this one made from what looks like woven wood and florals. Always room to improve on a trend!

2. Geometric structures. Similar to the floral arch, these babies were so dope a few years ago. Remember the huge trend in geometric everything? It was a good one! But onward.

3. Matching bridesmaid dresses. Classic, yes. Current, nope.

4. Donuts! So good for breakfast, but do we still want to be eating donuts off a pegboard for dessert in 2019?

5. Oh sweet little naked cake. Love them, truly. Always will. But 2019 wants us to innovate.

6. Monstera leaves. These amazing plants still spark joy when we see them potted in a great interior shot, but as a decor element for 2019, their time is up.

Phew, now that the hard part is out of the way (breaking up is never easy, right?!), let’s talk about some of our current faves for the year ahead.

Baby’s breath

Baby's breath ceremony arch

(photo from Kelly Brown Photo via Of The Flowers)

So baby’s breath hasn’t had the best reputation for a good long while, but we’re L-O-V-I-N-G the way it’s being reinvented at the moment.

Ready-to-wear bridesmaid dresses

fashion forward bridesmaids dresses

Seriously, how chic do these ladies look in their mix and match super stylish gowns? Sure they’re all the same color, but each lady chose a dress that she personally loves and the result is so 2019. Full wedding in St. Barths here. (Should also note that this works amazingly well – dare we say even better? – with different colored dresses too. Like this cute group from Caitlin Mociun’s wedding in Italy.)

Dyed florals and foliage

Colored floral place setting

(photo by Norman & Blake)

This wedding in Big Sur from Oren Co continues to be one of dreams, and one of the stand-out elements was the super interesting use of color and those crazy reception installations in the top photo by Studio Mondine. (Isn’t the that baby’s breath, BTW??) The bouquet made our list for favorites in 2019 too, if you didn’t catch that round up last month.

Dried florals

dried floral wedding decor

More dried florals and foliage. MORE! Feels like we keep seeing new, innovative uses for dried and found florals and we heart this trend so much. Pls do keep it coming this year. Thx. (More from this chic French wedding here. Also check this and this.)

Artfully decorated cakes

Artfully decorated cakes with Cynz Cakes

Have you seen Cynz Cakes??? This Canadian mistress of cakes has taken cake decorating to a impossibly cool level with her artistry and creative vision. Each cake is like it’s own little work of impressionist art. You’ll def want follow her on instagram too, just for the awe-factor.

Got any 2019 wedding Do’s or Dont’s to add? Do tell!