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Beautiful, innovative wedding cakes (with matching invites!) from Délicatesse Cake

April 17, 2018
macrame inspired wedding cake

How about we kick off this most lovely Tuesday with some of the most stunning wedding cakes around? Switzerland-based Ana is the insanely talented cake designer behind Délicatesse Cake, the shop she runs with her husband Marcos—she’s the creative, and he’s the people person who takes care of all the behind-the-scenes. Once we took a peek at their cakes as captured by Mary Fernandez, and the moodboards + invitation suites that go along with them, we were hooked…

Cake design mood board Macrame watercolor wedding invites Beautiful, innovative wedding cake design

Isn’t this bohemian cake stunning? It’s no surprise *at all* that Ana started out as a graphic designer. She’s always loved baking, especially growing up in a home where her mother was whipping up tasty treats each weekend, but it wasn’t until she dreamt up her mother-in-law’s 50th birthday cake that it all clicked: merging her graphic design skills with her love of baking.

Beautiful, innovative wedding cake design Beautiful, innovative wedding cake design Cake design mood board Beautiful, innovative wedding cake design

These modern geometric invites inspired a gold + marble cake.

Beautiful, innovative wedding cake design Beautiful, innovative wedding cake design

Ana says, Today, the desire to discover new concepts and new techniques has really helped me a lot with my advancement. The first customer contact for me is very important, it is to show them that I can have total confidence in my work, that I will do my best so that everything is perfect! After this step, I will seek the maximum information from the customer—textures, colors, images that inspired your wedding, your dress, accessories, location—all of this will create a style! For us, this is one of the most important steps.

Cake design mood board moody floral wedding stationery Beautiful, innovative wedding cake design

As you might imagine, Ana uses Pinterest to get inspired, but she also visits local shops to get inspired by even more colors, graphics, and textures that could influence her work. From there, she creates a moodboard to guide both her and the client. She also creates a drawing on the computer, so that the client understands what to expect.

Beautiful, innovative wedding cake design Cake design mood board Dark moody floral wedding stationery Dark gold leaf wedding cakes

And her advice for anyone working with a cake designer: So that everything goes perfectly, the client must be as transparent as possible, showing what she likes and understands about us, what the ideas are, or if it is completely up to us! They should provide all the relevant information, like images of other cakes, their wedding style, flowers that will decorate the wedding, and graphic design that will be present in the stationery, since all this influences the style of the cake!

Dark gold leaf wedding cakes

Oftentimes the biggest inspiration for Ana in designing these cakes is the wedding bouquet. She’s also inspired by the work of other designers she admires, like Sandra Bernardo, Julián Ángel, Hey There Cupcake, & Ivy & Stone Cake Design.

Dark gold leaf wedding cakes

One last thing: The cake must be as delicious on the inside as it looks on the outside!

Thanks to Ana + Marcos of Délicatesse Cake for all of the graphic inspo and droolworthy designs!

Photography: Mary Fernandez Photography / Cake: Délicatesse Cake