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Tableware essentials with Crate and Barrel

July 20, 2016
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You know when you host a gathering and you realize just how many things you need to go out and buy? You might have a few trusty faves in your entertaining arsenal but all the serveware? The napkins? All the right glasses (and a full set of ‘em)? All things you don’t want to have overlooked when it’s YOUR turn to play host. Especially if it’s your first gathering as marrieds… A pretty special milestone, if you ask us! We took stock of these entertaining essentials with our friends at Crate and Barrel and created a little guide to all things tableware. Keep it handy when building your Gift Registry, and you’ll be all set (no pun intended, swear!) when the time comes.

tableware essentials tableware essentials

Nothing wrong with a little practical tableware, right? The Essential Dinner Plates, Bowls, and Salad Plates are such a good foundation for a collection. Marrieds-to-be, now is the time to either upgrade your current collection or settle on your first. We’ll never turn down a crisp white table setting, but this is something you can mix and match with other pieces as your collection grows too.

cheese board pear place setting

OK. A word about napkins. So easy to forget, but aside from the fact that they’re totally necessary for meals, they’re what makes a table look truly complete. Consider a set of everyday napkins and a set of formal ones. Even a casual meal feels more special with the real deal.

mini cheese board

We’ve mentioned how much we love a good rustic table with some modern elements mixed in, so we paired the Olivewood Cheese Board with the Wood-Marble Square Platter on the table top. When it comes to serveware, like trays and utensils, there really are no rules. Now’s the time to just choose what you both love as a couple. And if it seems a bit random to put all these on the Registry, don’t worry, these are all things guests love to gift regardless, and they’ll appreciate a bit of direction.

baguette board

It’s nice to see all the separate elements that make a spectacular table, and doesn’t it all come together beautifully in the end? (Imagine the Mr or Mrs and all your friends and fam around it, obviously!) Hope you’ll pin this graphic and refer to it whilst choosing Gift Registry essentials:

Dinnerware Essentials

When it comes to plates, glassware, and each setting, it really does help to have 12. Even if you don’t use all 12 every time, it’s never fun to host a big meal and be one or two settings short. That includes the various glasses, so when the occasion calls for champagne, you can serve it up in a pretty flute. Crate and Barrel sells box sets, making it super easy to store away the more ‘occasion’ type tableware safe and sound after each gathering.

And if you’re into the same clean, rustic-modern style we are, here are all the pieces you saw above:


Don’t forget extra spoons and forks so you can make it through the whole affair without sneaking away to wash dishes!

Products in this post: 1 – Essential Dinner Plates, Essential Bowls, Essential Salad Plates, Essential Mugs | 2 – Tondo 6″ Plate | 3 – Tondo Oval Platter | 4 – Helena Vanilla Ivory Linen Napkin | 5 – Olivewood Cheese Board | 6 – Ivory 12″ Taper Candle | 7 – London Glass Short Taper Candle Holder | 8 – Marble Salt-Pepper Cellar with Spoon | 9 – Form Small Oval Bowl | 10 – Duralex Picardie Glass Tumblers | 11 – Emerge 20-piece Flatware Set | 12 – Grasscloth 90″ Table Runner | 13 – Laguiole Cheese Knife 3-Piece Set | 14 – Oregon 22 oz. White Wine Glass, Oregon Champagne Glass, Oregon 16 oz. White Wine GlassOregon 22 oz. Red Wine Glass, 15 – Emerge 3-Piece Serving Set | 16 – Wood Marble Square Platter

Kinda nice to think about those very same special people gathering around the table they helped contribute to, huh? Our favorite! Pop over to Crate and Barrel’s blog to see our kitchen essentials too!

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