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A first birthday party

January 10, 2012

Karen Mordechai, the styling and photography beauty behind Sunday Suppers recently celebrated her daughter Sophia’s first birthday. Before the cake made itself into Sophia’s bitty hands, mouth…and dress, Karen snapped a few photographs of the soft blossom pink table design, buffet set-up, and decor. Karen thinks she may have gone a little overboard. We say, you only turn one once!

kids first birthday party kids first birthday party

Sweet fabric invitations with pink felt dots enclosed in a kraft mailer box were designed by SIMPLESONG.

kids birthday party

It’s not a party until you get some rock-star vendors involved! The food table, adorned with handwritten signs on fabric and paper were by Mara at Neither Snow. The short and sweet custom burlap sign was from funky shiQue on Etsy, and the floral garland by Ashley Meaders.

kids first birthday party kids birthday

Inspiration is everywhere. It can even be found in a special girls first birthday party! Happy Birthday Sophia!