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DIY gold accented holiday gift wrap

December 16, 2011

We love Michaela and Lotta’s work philosophy. Design, create and decorate for one reaction: Hey Look! Hence their company’s name, HEY LOOK. They were sweet enough to pass along their talents to share with y’all, and seeing as we’re only 8 days closer to Christmas, um, we think it’s safe to say that we all need as much help as we can get stat! These ladies are delivering the cutest glitzy and modern gift wrap inspiration around. We’ll let them take it from here!

shiny holiday gift wrap

Grab the following materials and you’re set for this entire project:

• Plain white wrapping paper
• Kraft wrapping paper
• Twine & thin nylon string
• Crepe paper streamers (in white, pink, black)
• Gold fringe door curtain (available at almost any party supply store)

The awesome thing about this is that with one gold curtain one can basically whip up a huge amount of gift wrap and still have a lot of sparkly gold fringes leftover for decorating the home or a holiday party (extra sparkly is always a good thing)!

shiny holiday gift wrap hot pink holiday gift wrap

A few how-to’s to help you along the way:

• Wrap crepe streamer around a package and embellish with one or several strips of gold (you can also twist the gold strips until they form a spiral – see black wrapping)
• Tie thin nylon string around a wrapped gift, layer crepe streamer pieces and gold strips on top, then tie together centered with nylon string, so the crepe and gold strips form a bow (see image 1)
• Ruffle crepe streamer piece onto a gold strip and tie around a package (see pink images)
• Simply grab a handful of either crepe paper and gold strips or only gold strips, wrinkle them up a little and layer onto a package, then tie around it with thin nylon string
• Make a pompom of crepe streamer (cut into strips as wide as the gold curtain strips) and gold strips and tie or glue onto a package

black gold holiday gift wrap

No excuse for non-pretty wrapped presents this year! We know what we’re doing over the weekend. Thanks to the ladies at HEY LOOK for sharing their DIY skills! Oh, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll find yourself getting lost in craft heaven when you check out their blog.

Happy Friday!