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Sip and See! A Summer Solicitous soirée

October 25, 2011

We can all agree that there’s something magical about the Summer Solstice, a time of the year when the days are longest and the sun is the brightest. These are the days to call up your friends, throw a bbq in a park, at the beach, on a rooftop, sip drinks and hang. Hence the Sip and See (a southern term used for get togethers). It can also be the perfect time to throw the longest wedding celebration ever! Leave it to Jessica Roberts and Halligan Smith aka the ladies who like to party aka Hey Day, to serve up the best inspiration for said event. We know it’s technically not Summer anymore, but the sun still comes out, so that’s reason enough to party!

summer solicitous party

These pretty invites were designed by Hey Day and printed by Adam Smith, a screen print artist in Philadelphia. After printing, Hey Day hand cut and assembled them using some nifty white gromets.

summer solicitous party summer solicitous party summer solicitous party summer solicitous party summer solicitous party summer solicitous party

The whole event was a DIY project. We handmade almost everything ourselves. From the dying of the napkins, to the construction of the tables, to the head wreath’s. The take home favors were paper fortune tellers. For those, we took the image used on the top fortune tellers and designed the graphics together. We’d have to say that the most satisfactory project of the evening definitely had to be watching the girls participating in the weaving of the maypole, constructed by wood worker Bradford Smith. It felt so intimate, the sun was setting beautifully, and it was so much fun!

summer solicitous party

Thanks for sharing Jessica & Halligan!