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Cake stands from Bountiful

March 23, 2011

For those of you who don’t frequent Abbot Kinney in Venice, like Amanda and Kristina, Bountiful is this completely breathtaking antique shop that always has towers of cake stands in their windows. Towers. Milk glass in white, pink and turquoise, Mercury glass, Vaseline glass, Jadeite, crystal, colors of butter, ruby, black, and cobalt blue. ahhhh!

We thought you all might be interested because 1) they’re gorgeous 2) everyone needs a pretty cake plate or six for their wedding cake and/or kitchen and 3) these cake plates are made by a third generation family in the US.

Amanda popped in and shot some pretty photos to share:

A little more about the cake plates. They are heirloom quality, to start. The glass is poured (never glued) the same way, in the same mill, that they were a hundred years ago. The colors are pure and vibrant and the plate itself is nice and heavy and doesn’t chip.

And their glassware is extraordinary too! Dainty glasses flecked and dipped in gold, and an array of colors…you name it. Yes, they have a registry. Wouldn’t you just die to register for their pretty things?

The stands come in four standard sizes: 6, 9, 10, and 12 inch and the domes are sold separately so you can put together any combo you like.

And they have a special plate designed for a tower cake that’s made from cast iron and covered in a while porcelain finish. That one comes in 14 and 16 inch sizes.

Amazing, right? Bountiful ships all over the world and they bubble wrap and box at no extra charge. Cake stand aficionados, we think we know what you next purchase might be!

Email or call for more information, to set up a registry, and to order:

sales {at} bountifulhome {dot} com
(310) 450-3620

Or even better, if you’re in the neighborhood you need to stop in!