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100 Layer Cake’s NY Stationery Social

August 24, 2009

A few weeks ago Jillian hosted a super sweet little get together for NY area stationers as a way to bring designers together, get acquainted and put a face to the work that we all admire. What we’ve learned in talking to members of the stationary community is that while everyone enjoys looking at each others’ work, they seldom meet in a relaxed environment where they have the chance to just have a drink and mingle with their peers.

Jillian had the super idea to put on a little event that allowed for some of our favorite paper artists to come out from behind their computers and printers and letterpresses, sip some wine and talk shop. We think it turned out really cute!

100lc_ss2a3 Elan Artists was kind enough to lend their amazing space for the event and Josh hopes to host future events that keep the space as collaborative as possible. What an awesome idea. Jillian was able to enlist the talents of a number of industry friends who we’ve been lucky enough to meet through our blog.

100lc_ss2b2 100lc_ss62

{Mimi of Mika78, Jillian, Bryn of Paperfinger}


Jillian even made blueberry jam during a recent family vacation in Michigan for favors. Awww. We’re definitely going to show a little tutorial on this project next week, along with recipe cards.

100lc_ss72 100lc_ss44

{Invite by Minna Design}


{The stationary spread, invites by Thoughtful Day and Bird & Banner}


{Modern Press, Miniature Rhino}


{Anja Winikka, Bryn, Jennifer DeRose, Nicole and Erin of Bird & Banner, Rebecca Crumley}
{Mary & Jenn of Ice Cream Social, Erica of Thoughtful Day, Mel Barlow}


Lorenzo and Jennifer kept the wine flowing and educated everyone on delicious imported Italian wine from Small Vineyards. If you’re looking for someone to help you out with wine for a wedding or party, you should definitely look these two up!


Thank you so much to all our the amazing vendors who helped make this little party happen!

Flowers: Nicolette Camille
Calligraphy on the napkins: Paperfinger
Italian wine: Lorenzo & Jennifer of Small Vineyards
Cheese plates: Stinky Bklyn
Dessert: One Girl Cookies
Photography: Mel Barlow and Allan Zepeda for Mel Barlow Photography
Venue: Josh and the whole Elan Artists crew

And finally, thank you sooooo much to all of our stationers who showed for the event! So great to meet you all.

Mimi of Mika78,
Bryn of Paperfinger,
Erica of Thoughtful Day,
Minna of Minna Designs,
Erin and Nicole of Bird & Banner,
Jenn and Mary of Ice Cream Social,
Carolina of Modern Press,
Randi Brookman Harris,
Julie of Bow & Arrow,
James of Paperless Post,
Anna Beckman Calligraphy,
Liz and Kate of Linda & Harriet,
Erin Jang of Indigo Bunting,
Courtney Jentzen,
Emily & Rachelle of Wiley Valentine,
Jessica of Miniature Rhino,
Rebecca Crumley & Anja Winikka The Knot,
Jennifer DeRose of Weddingchannel.com
and of course Jillian’s hubby Scott.