Paper flowers by Lyndie Dourthe

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It’s a fascinating thing to marvel at the many ways creative minds see the world. Without artists like Lyndie Dourthe, we’d see a flower as a flower – in its natural setting, hue, and lifespan. As you scroll down you may find yourself oohing and aahing over the the way a fuschia bleeds into a yellow, or how black leaves can hold a tiny blush bud so beautifully. You might even find yourself examining her technique, trying to find ways to recreate such a unique flower to last a lifetime. In Dourthe’s world, flowers don’t wilt nor drop a petal.

paper flowers

paper flowers

paper flowers

paper flowers

paper flowers

paper flowers

paper flower centerpiece

paper flower centerpiece

paper flower table number

paper flower hair piece

paper flowers

Absolutely stunning, right?

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Social Love

Susie on May 11, 2013

This is simply gorgeous! Started making paper flowers last night & now I'm truly inspired!

ileana-carmen on Mar 6, 2013

Very beautiful and delicate flowers.

Diana on Jan 6, 2013

Hi, I know this is quite the different comment but the 6th picture down that was saved as "paper-flowers-4", I am so inlove with it. I really would like to get it as a tattoo on my forearm. Is there anyway you can send me more pictures that were taken of those exact flowers? Thank you!

wedding floral arrangement on Sep 28, 2012

The flowers are looking really very nice. I just love to see them. I must say that flowers always make you feel fresh and relax. I enjoyed being here.

Carmen on Jul 16, 2012

Very beautiful flowers.

Maike on Jun 13, 2012


Jordan Isherwood (@jordan_ish) on Jun 13, 2012

Paper flowers by Lyndie Dourthe | Flowers + Greenery | 100 Layer Cake via @100layercake

Jordan on Jun 13, 2012

The most beautiful and some of the most original craft I have seen in a long while - thanks for sharing!

alexis on Jun 7, 2012

These flowers put the ones I tried to make for my wedding to shame. They are stunning!

Mabiel on Jun 5, 2012

This made my day, so delicately beautiful...

Charissa on Jun 5, 2012

Absolutely Beautiful, she's really talented.

benita wheelr on Jun 5, 2012

it would be act of love and patience. it would be so worth it.

Melissa on Jun 5, 2012

I absolutely LOVE these! I'm trying DIY paper flowers for my wedding and would absolutely love to know how to go about making something like this!

Alexandra on Jun 5, 2012

Beautiful. Recreating this would be a challenge but I think it's possible.

Melissa on Jun 5, 2012

Wow! Beautiful stuff.

Valerie (Pieceful Wedding) on Jun 5, 2012

Love these gorgeous flowers! The colors...the shapes...everything about these flowers are absolutely amazing!

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