29 May

Wedding font ideas

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You guys all know how much we adore good design and swoon over pretty paper goods, yes? Well, a lot of the very best wedding stationery we’ve seen all starts with an awesome font. So with that in mind, we decided to round up a few of our very fave fonts that we’ve spotted around the Internets lately. Whether your wedding day style is elegant or modern or a little bit sassy even, we’re pretty sure there’s something here for everyone. Best thing is, all of our typeface picks are either inexpensive or free!

Let’s start with some handwritten scripts, shall we?

Free or inexpensive wedding font ideas | 100 Layer Cake

Monoment | Miss Donna | String | Castro Script | Kailey | Mina | DF TapaLittle Days | Antrokas

Now imagine your names in one of these fun typefaces for a second!

Free or inexpensive wedding font ideas | 100 Layer Cake

Silverfake | Bebas | Lato Hairline | Naive | Hagin Caps | Naive Inline Sans | Salome | Frontage

Decisions, decisions… There are just so many rad fonts to choose from these days!

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  1. I love this list of fonts! Perfect for the DIYer!

  2. hmmm nice fonts used in this post. i like the cursive font mostly. please try to put some more cursive font in your next post.

  3. Like the Fonts list !!

  4. Love these! Especially the DF Tapa “Fred + Ginger”…but there’s no link to it, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Could you provide the link, please? I’d super appreciate it!

  5. Yes! Where’s a link for DF Tapa!?! Pleeeeease!?

  6. LOVE fonts! Thanks for the fun list!

  7. These fonts are just amazing! You have shared some truly fabulous Wedding font ideas in this blog post. How do I download and use these lovely fonts :)

  8. Love these fonts for DIY invitations!. They will go well with the color themes I put together at my site http://www.lefthandthirdfinger.com! Such a good resource!

  9. Really nice collection of fonts. Silverfake is a really nice option for a vintage invite.

  10. PERFECT!!! Could you please also post the link of BRANBOLL SMAL

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