24 Mar

Jillian came up with these super cute cake decorations over the weekend, to share with you all. You could totally whip something like this up, buy a plain cake from Whole Foods or a local bakery, and voila! You have an adorable little centerpiece for your reception.

Of course, we would always recommend buying a cake as gorgeous as the ones made by Nine Cakes, but if that’s not in your budget, you could easily dress up a less expensive option. Or have a family member or gold star bridesmaid do it for you?

Garland handmade with vintage wallpaper / Kikkerland straws / Gold letters purchased at Tinsel Trading Co. / Flowers purchased at Opalia / Cakes from Nine Cakes / Photography by Scott Clark

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  1. It’s like a little festival of sugar!!! Cutest thing ever!

  2. so pretty! i love the whimsical look of the garlands with the slightly unkempt look of the bouquet.

  3. AH!!

    I. LOVE. THESE. CAKES!!!!! The first is so sweet looking & colorful, yet the colors are incorporated in a way that looks very clean (not overwhelming)! So cute.

  4. I love this idea. It is fresh and modern and budget friendly really because these basic cakes can be bought a most grocery store bakeries.

  5. Every version of this cake is absolutely adorable!

  6. The scalloped bunting is so, so lovely! I wish I had a cake to decorate!

  7. I love wedding cakes and this is just gorgeous!! :) x

  8. I love the handsewn paper bunting, such a delicate addition.

  9. Love Love Love!

    I am currently searing for the cake topper of my dreams right now… I’m just about to go with fresh flowers 😀

  10. Beautiful !! Love those details!

  11. Oh, that tiny little wedding cake bunting is just darling!!

  12. this is just the cutest thing i’ve ever seen!!!

  13. they cake toppers are more than just crafty.. they are genius!

  14. oooh, that cake is so amazing!

    Lovely lovely lovely….

  15. Love these cake ideas…so unique. I’m in love with the fresh florals arranged at the top as it is…so different! The gold letters are cute, I have to order them

  16. Adore the bouquet on top

  17. They are all so adorable!

  18. eeps…way adorabl!

  19. I have ordered Kikkerland straws from here – they are wonderful and I love them as a cake topper! http://www.graygoose.com/collections/all/products/paper-straws. The garlands are too, too sweet!!!!

  20. Oh my gosh – TOO adorable!!! Since I’m already married, I’m totally filing this away for my daughter’s birthday party! :)

  21. Absolutely LOVE this!

  22. I am dying over the My Sweet Love cake and luckily planning a summer wedding! It is very close to what I was thinking but 20 times better! I could not find the letters on the Tinsel website, could you post a direct link please?

  23. Love that first cake! So fun

  24. I Have been searching for letters like these! Thanks for the link. These cakes are beautiful (as usual!)

  25. Love this! but where do you get the letters? I would like to cut them myself but not sure I could do it as beautifully.


  26. cool site! your link to the amazing letters doesn’t work. would you mind please linking it? thanks!!!!

  27. This is so cute!

    I’m also in love with that Jadeite Cake stand. I’ve been eying the same one at a local shop for over a year now. Maybe I should just buy it.

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