Hitched Event, part 4

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Kay, lovelies. The last, but most definitely not least, photos of Hitched. This bunch shows off pretty tablescapes from Carter & Cook (with florals by Arrangements) and Sugar & Fluff (florals by Tend Living). Plus Mae Mae’s wall of gorgeous paper, the Aqualillies (synchronized swimming is amazing!), and the epic dance contest that we were super excited to judge along with Katie of Ever After Honeymoons and Sharkpig.

First, Carter & Cook.

(Brandon Kidd)

(Amelia Lyon)

Mae Mae Paperie’s beautiful, inspired work.

(Brandon Kidd)

Awesome succulent table runner from Sugar & Fluff and Tend Living.

Katie’s cute Mexican-themed honeymoon set up and majorly whimsical cakes from Juliette’s Bakery.

(Amelia Lyon, and bottom right Max Wanger)

The ladies of the pool! How amaaazing would it be to have the Aqualillies perform at your wedding reception or event?! It was freezing out there, you guys, and they rocked it like it was a balmy afternoon.

(Top photo: Love Me Sailor, middle: Max Wanger, bottom: Brandon Kidd)

Smilebooth-in’! Always always a good time. This one had markers available so guests could graffiti the wall. fun!

And the dance contest and party. Which we clearly don’t need to say again, for the 43rd time on this blog, but Michael makes a party like no one else we’ve met.

Oh yeah, it got cahraaazzy there for a while.

(Erin Hearts Court)

Our sexy winners. Everyone wanted to be them for a moment. Plus, um, they won a week trip to Mexico from Ever After Honeymoons!

(Brandon Kidd)

Yeah yeah. It was a pretty rad time all around.

This batch of photos: Love Me Sailor, Brandon Kidd, Amelia Lyon, Max Wanger, Erin Hearts Court.

Thank you sooooooo much to the ladies of Hitched (Bash, Please & Urbanic) for putting on another outstanding party. And to all the creatives who made it so desperately cute. To the Ace for hosting and for tray passed PBRs. And to all you who came out and made it such a fun time. Can’t wait to see what happens at the next one!

To see a recap of all of the talented people who made this Hitched a success, go here.

If you missed our first posts, you can find them here, here, and here.

Stay tuned to see the video of the evening by Sharkpig!

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Social Love

Eva on Feb 11, 2011

WOW! I love those ladies of the pool! We may use them on our weddings in Italy as well... thanks for sharing. Eva

Carter & Cook Event Co. on Feb 11, 2011

Thanks ladies for such a great write up! The event was too much FUN!

Erica on Feb 11, 2011

Wish I could have gone! Looks like my kind of party!

Jenny on Feb 11, 2011

Love Carter and Cook's table! darling! And the Aqualillies...amazing!

Theresa K on Feb 11, 2011

whoa. that couple dancing is giving me chills. so in love!

Allison on Feb 11, 2011

GASP. Synchronized swimmers at a wedding? What a fantastic idea! xo

Gail on Feb 11, 2011

The striped plate and gold glitter is just the most perfect combo. Definitely using some of this inspiration for my wedding! thanks!

Madeline on Feb 11, 2011

Is that an antler horn chandelier? rad.

Megan Hayes on Feb 12, 2011

Love me some Mae Mae!!!

Alaskan Gold Rush Fine Jewelry on Feb 14, 2011

Synchronized swimmers, gorgeous color palate of flower arrangements and vases on the table, dancing...what more could you ask for? Great event! Fabulous showcase of inspirational wedding possibilities.

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