9 Feb

Hitched Event, Palm Springs! part 1

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So excited we get to share photos from Hitched! For those of you who don’t know the background, Hitched is a curated indie wedding event, showcasing only the most innovative talent in our industry. It’s the brainchild of Kelly and Paige from Bash, Please and Audrey from Urbanic Paper and it is just the cutest thing ever dreamed up.

As always, it was a super super fun time, with all sorts of gorgeous inspiration for couples and wedding creatives, alike. Plus the dance contest and party (courtesy of the Flashdance) were awesome, natch.

There are so many pretty shots, we have no choice but to break this up into an entire week of posts. We’ll start with some general details and three vendor set-ups… ours, Ashley Meaders/Honey and Poppies, and Found Vintage Rentals. All very gorgeous, if you ask us!

(PS. The plan is to credit the most excellent photogs below each grouping, with all links at the bottom of the post.)

(Top: Amelia Lyon, bottom: Brandon Kidd)

(Erin Hearts Court)

We made some super fun projects for our DIY table, including an embroidered sampler with our logo (yes, for reals!), potato print muslin bags, (bags and other accoutrements found from our DIY resource section), homemade pickled jalapeños topped with burlap fabric, tied with a pretty leather strip, as well as mix matched fabric favor bags, (idea from the latest issue of Martha).

Our “flowers” are banksia and protea from the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. These beauties are amazing fresh, but also dry perfectly so you can keep them for months in a vase.

And how elegant and weird are the air plants from Air Plant Supply Co? They add such a beautiful bit of greenery to an event. Thank you Erin!

(Our table! shot by Brandon Kidd)

Do you love our cute buttons? We do. Make your own at Busy Beaver Buttons. SUCH a cute favor for your guests to commemorate your wedding.

Ashley’s chandeliers are so pretty, aren’t they?? She’s a creative wonder, that girl.

(Our buttons + Ashley Meaders’ table by Amelia Lyon)

(Found Vintage Rentals shot by Brandon Kidd and Erin Hearts Court)

(Max Wanger)

So so much more to share. But it’s a start. We’re telling you, cute overload.

This batch of beautiful photography: Amelia Lyon, Erin Hearts Court, Brandon Kidd, Max Wanger.

Additional credits: Venue, The Ace Hotel / furniture, Found Vintage Rentals / general gorgeousness and event decor, Bash, Please.

Stay tuned for our next fun post!

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  1. Someone pinch me – I’m on 100 layer cake 2 days in a row! Wheeee! Loved meeting you ladies there!

  2. Absolutely amazing! The styling, the flowers, the photography….so beautiful!

  3. loved honey and poppies’ and ashley’s table!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE. so sad I missed it, but so glad for your gorgeous recap.

  5. So pretty! Can I ask the source of that neat triangle and striped fabric sitting under those gold handled scissors? Its exactly what Ive been looking for!

  6. Such beautiful atmosphere in every single image…and omg, homemade pickled jalapeños, YUM!

  7. A lot of lovely items here! So cool!

  8. WOW, sorry I missed the shin dig!

  9. Looks lovely, as always. But after following you all for a little while, getting just a wee bit tired of mismatched chairs, succulents, and ‘aged’ random knicks knacks. Would love to see a bit more variety in styling.

  10. @Juliet – isn’t it so cool? It’s vintage Marimekko, and sadly we haven’ t been able to find it anywhere!

  11. Wow. Seriously. Wow.
    I finally had time to sit in front of the computer, and I am so excited! Two days in a row on 100 Layer Cake…butterflies!!!1

  12. all shoots are perfectly captured… very unique concept and
    I LOVE IT!!!!

  13. These photos make me ever sadder I missed this event! Such creativity and talent all in one place is so inspiring. Love AM’s chandeliers and your buttons! That is one of the best business card ideas I’ve seen in a long time – great work, ladies!

  14. How is this DIY? I would consider DIY a tutorial, not a photo shoot or event.

  15. I comprehend and respect your clear-cut points. I am impressed along with your writing style and how properly you express your thoughts.

  16. Please tell me those are mini corn dogs! I think they’d go well with some Malvi mini s’mores. The owl agrees.

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