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We saw these insanely cute bouts over on From I Will to I Do (Congrats on being a new mom, Anne!) and had to post them here for everyone to see. Fritts Rosenow, the baby brother of Rosenow Floral, creates custom, personality-fueled boutonnieres for grooms (and groomsmen, presumbably) to be. OMG, why did we not know of these before???


Let’s all cross our fingers that these little guys can quiet down the groom’s cake trend. Apologies to anyone who loves the idea of having a special themed cake for the groom, but really? No one even eats the wedding cake, let alone the one that looks like a putting green sitting next to it. Someone drag us down off the soapbox. And into a craft store where we can buy supplies to make these ourselves!

Fritts Rosenow and Rosenow Floral… awesomeness.

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Social Love

Missy on May 21, 2009

Super cute and fun! I love the superhero.

The Perfect Palette on May 21, 2009

fun :) we're loving these!

kaitlin on May 21, 2009

very adorable. but i resent the wedding cake comment. our wedding cake (thegirlwiththemostcake.com) is one of the best cakes i've ever tried...

newlydomesticated on May 21, 2009

LOVE those. So much room for personality and possibility. To be fair to groom's cakes, they are a Southern tradition. But to be unfair, no one can tell me why. lol.

Amy on May 21, 2009

Thank you so much for this! These are adorable, and I totally 100% agree with the comment about the groom's cake!

Michelle {Things I love} on May 21, 2009

I LOVE all of them!! The Captain America one is hysterical. I'm going hunting for miniature Mickey Mouse action figures now, my fiance would love it!

MidwestElle on May 21, 2009

Ooh I'm bookmarking this! I wonder what a bout made from guitar pics would look like?

katie jean on May 21, 2009

They are so great! And why not? So much of the wedding is about the bride, it's cute to see some guy stuff mixed in so nicely and with such personality! I like the banjo :)

Lisa on May 22, 2009

um the captian america one is so awsome. my fiance loves comics so I am definetly bookmarking this one! lisa@craftmybride.blogspot

Amber Eilert on May 22, 2009

what a collection! any of these would make such a great touch on a wedding. The nest is really my favorite, so cool.

anna k. on May 22, 2009

those boutonnieres are awesome! thanks for the ideas! yes, the groom's cake is a very southern tradition...and even being southern, i have NO idea where it came from either. :) i have to admit, that there is the possibility of having the tackiest groom's cake ever (creative license on that score can be scary to say the least), but most are classy and clever - at least from the weddings i've attended. most people really enjoy being able to sample both kinds of cakes: white and traditionally chocolate groom's cake. hey, southerners like to eat! it's also fun when the groom chooses something different like cheesecake or a more untraditional option. i can't explain the tradition, but it's really not *that* bad. there are certain things in other regions that southerners would never consider. so, it's all about the traditions of the region which makes it unique - and special to each couple.

sabrina on May 22, 2009

Love these. Hate the groom's cake idea. But only because it's such a nod to the wedding otherwise being all about the bride which bugs me. It should be a celebration of the couple. But what do you mean non one eats the wedding cake? Our wedding cake was nearly completely gone by the end of the day and people are still raving about it 5 years later. Having a both gorgeous and delicious wedding cake was one of the most important factors in our wedding and why I loathe traditional venues where cardboard cake is included and required.

bamagirl3525 on May 22, 2009

Southerners get grooms cakes, everyone else gets plated, sit-down receptions. I've been to a lot of weddings in my day, and I'll take heavy hors d'oeurves and a groom's cake to a horrible wedding cake and a plated dinner of rubbery chicken any day. But the lapels are cute! A total win.

IrisFieldsCoordinator6 on May 22, 2009

Love the look! What a way to make the men in the bridal party feel special. Though a tastefully done groom's cake is perfectly fine with me - especially if it tastes good!

100layercake on May 22, 2009

Oooh a little controversey! Totally apologize for offending anyone about groom's cakes. Of course we're all for people doing EXACTLY what they want at their own wedding! And we agree that tasty cake is always welcome at any celebration. We'll stay off our soapbox from now on. Promise. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Heidi@TrulyEngaging on May 27, 2009

Awesome! Love a stylish lapel. My husband could easily wear the cook bout. but I'm in love with the banjo bout.

Stephanie Williams Photography on May 28, 2009

I love these! The robin's egg and banjo are my favs!

DernierCri. on May 29, 2009

Great ideas! I am not a flower person, so I love all of these unique approaches to decor.

Michael on Jun 3, 2009

Speaking as a groom, and the only one so far on this post it seems, I must say that I'm really not in favor of these. What's wrong with a pocket square? If we're really against the groom's cake, would some kind of bauble that looks like it broke off a discounted snow globe at Kohl's actually serve the same purpose?

anne chertoff on Jul 15, 2009

I'm glad you like the bouts - they are even more fab in person! And as for the groom's cake...even though dave didn't get his own groom's cake at our wedding, it's a fun way to get the groom's personality in the details. But if you're looking to save money on your wedding it's definitely something you can cut.

Una on Aug 13, 2009

OK, as I am a G.R.I.T.S. (Girl Raised In The South, but now a Northern Cali. transplant), I gotta say "ouch" to the grooms cake tradition thrashing. We delicate damsels *snort* are known for having big beautiful white cakes with a fresh fruit and/or delicate buttercream. The Grooms Cake is chocolate or red velvet and really is supposed to be eaten as an alternate or addition to the white cake. It seems though, as the tradition began to get popular nation wide, it morphed into a sort of fondant, gaudy nightmare. The grooms cake has always meant to involve a special hobby or sport or trait of the groom and is a surprise to the groom from his bride and is really meant to be a sweet (no pun intended) gesture. It's her opportunity to take a moment to support him and turn a bit of the spotlight on him. Whether the bride wants it or not, 90% of the time the attention is on the bride and her mother (remember we are talkin' 'bout the south here and many weddins' are planned and created by the Mother, the Bride and their Event Planner...and yes, there are ALWAYS exceptions to this, because blanket statements suck and create hurt feelings *insert smirk and cocked left eyebrow here*) and by default, her hair, her dress, her flowers, her accessories, her make up, her veil, blah, blah, blah are under much scrutiny. I have to admit I do take offence to the comment left that it's "Supposed to be a celebration of the couple." Of course it is! How does a grooms cake change that? In fact, what better way to make it about the couple by seeing how the bride supports her groom and their sense of humor. You keep stomping on your soapbox, though, because it's your blog and it creates lively debate and that's always wonderful! I just hope I gave some pause with a different point of view, along with a nod that yes, the Grooms' cakes are getting out of control and that three day old cake covered in gobs of artificially dyed icky fondant has nothing to do with the tradition of the very sweet Southern gesture made from a bride to her groom. BTW, I think the bouts are so offbeat, fun, and have the same exact meaning and sentimental gesture as a properly done grooms cake. ;-) What was my wedding like, you may wonder? It was me at the age of 20, my beau Todd, who was 23, and the Reverend Love and his wife as our witness at Love's Lakeside Chapel in South Lake Tahoe (now a probably defunct mortgage company) We eloped 16 years ago, because we felt deeply that a wedding is truly about the couple and their love for each other. Our 20th wedding anniversary is going to be a huge blowout week in Scotland with 50 people that mean so much to us and we're hosting the wedding we never had, because now it's on OUR terms. Isn't it awesome how different we are? I piped in because of my girlfriends that had their beautiful, traditional Southern Weddin's and their grooms cakes...my fellow G.R.I.T.S. did a fantastic job!

Nina Gail on Apr 21, 2012

We were also married at Rev. Love's chapel. We each had a 10 year old and eloped with them. Years later took our daughter back and were photographed with her in the same spot. Sad that it is now gone :-(

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