DIY-ish invites for Melanie’s June shower

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DIY-ish because it does seem a teeny bit unfair to call something DIY when the DIY-er is a designer by trade. But these were made at home, with the help of a Gocco, Paper Source, Ebay, and a few other widely accessible suppliers so they are technically possible for someone with a crafty set of hands.

Kristina made these for a shower she’s hosting in her backyard next month. She and Melanie have a running joke that they both want to plan rustic barn weddings (BAD)… which is fine, until you realize that 1) Kristina is already married and 2) Melanie is having a black tie Monte Carlo inspired seaside affair in Del Mar this September. Then it starts to become a little weird… especially when you know how often they refer to said fantasy wedding. To (hopefully) give them some closure on this topic, Kristina is throwing a secret rustic barn wedding artfully disguised as Melanie’s bridal shower. Or something like that. Don’t worry, Melanie is totally on board.

And like every good rustic barn wedding/bridal shower, you need super cute invites to get people in the mood, (Melanie – if you’re looking, don’t read the insert card or you’ll spoil your surprise):


All paper came from Paper Source, envelope liners were cut from vintage wallpaper purchased on ebay, lacey notecards were made using a Martha Stewart craft punch from Michaels, and the stamps are from a local stamp store.

We’re going to post more on the shower as it gets closer and of course we’ll show the party in action at the end of June.

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Social Love

mandie s on May 12, 2009

These are LOVELY! I did have a barn wedding (almost exactly 3 years ago, too!), but it wasn't very rustic, and looking back on it, I would have made it more rustic because it's just oh so charming of an idea! ;)

sara.jane on May 12, 2009

I love this look! Along the lines of what I invision for my own wedding. So beautiful :) The reds and browns with the country barn feel is fantastic. Can't wait for further details!

Chic 'n Cheap on May 12, 2009

Gasp gorgeous! I almost bought the doily punch too but stuck with the picket one instead. The Gocco printing and stamps are ridiculously nice.

Valeen on May 12, 2009

how lovely!! Are the envelopes from Paper Source as well?? I would love to know what colour they are. They look like they were made from kraft paper and are so great!

caroline on May 12, 2009

loooove those stamps.

chris :: c is for charmed on May 12, 2009

Mmmm... love these! LOTS! That Melanie is one lucky lady ; ) Can't wait to see more. You were so nice to list where you purchased all of the materials to avoid a million comments, but I have to ask.. .what font did you use for the "please bring" on the insert?

100layercake on May 12, 2009

Hi hi. Valeen - The envelopes are from Paper Source too, and the color is called Kraft (i think). Chris - The font used for "please bring" is Bickham Script. xo Kristina

Rachael on May 12, 2009

Kristina, do you mind passing along the contact information for the stamp shop? We've been looking for similar vintage stamps online, and not having much luck! Many thanks.

Laura on May 12, 2009

wow, my wedding invitations don't even look that good.

RhiannonM on May 12, 2009

These look like the party is going to be one heck of an awesome surprise shindig! So gorgeous!

Modern Ink Studio on May 12, 2009


Meg, A Practical Wedding on May 12, 2009

Lovely! Ladies: important question. What *pen* are you using to get this amazing inky whiteness? I belive we've seen it before (achem, Kristina!) xo Meg

The Perfect Palette on May 12, 2009

This is so charming.

jill thomas on May 12, 2009

i adore your site. thank you so much for contacting me ... this is one of my new daily reads! love, love.

Mo on May 12, 2009

Oh my. What a lucky lucky girl. The red and white string is a great idea, as are the stamps and the wallpaper liners! I may just steal them all for my own invites! Um, I'm having a rustic vineyard wedding, do Kristina and Melanie want to help ME plan? ;)

Carolyn, Serendipiy & Spark on May 12, 2009

These are not only stunning but quite possibly the most beautiful shower cards that I have EVER seen! Amazing, thanks for sharing!

Kristy R. on May 12, 2009

Love the combination of textures in this pretty set! Rachael, I recently purchased a bunch of vintage postage here: Hope this helps!

Truly Smitten on May 12, 2009

I am absolutely crazy about this!

Silvia on May 13, 2009

just amazing!!! fantastic Silvia

Katie on May 13, 2009

These are lovely!! I can't wait to figure out the invites for my wedding...and I am definitly being fueled with inspiration from your site...I don't promise not to use some of these amazing details, like the lace scalloped edges..the lined natural envalopes or the my, sooo pretty!!! Thank you for sharing <3

Maddy @ the Inspired Bride on May 13, 2009

These are beautiful! Everything coordinates together so beautifully :)

Melanie on May 13, 2009

i did not read the insert card---i REEEEAAAALLLY like surprises and never spoil them if i can help it but i am cracking up. we have to stop, seriously---there is NO RUSTIC BARN WEDDING HAPPENING. except in secret at the shower. i will say, however, that we final-proofed our invites from Alee and when they are done i seriously think they are going to be AMAZING. and make me very happy i'm doing a fancy affair:) oxox Melanie

Lilah Paper on May 13, 2009

Very creative and cute! The whole "package" came together just beautifully :)

two brunettes on May 13, 2009

so very pretty I love it! I looove that Martha punch I used it on my wedding invites!

Michele on May 13, 2009

This is just so lovely!! I am in awe of the creativity, thoughtfulness and effort that has gone into these ~ they are just gorgeous. As someone not about to get married (unless a very big anniversary sort of counts) I just wish I had friends like this (she said with gentle envy!). And the stamps are too cute......

katie on May 13, 2009

OHmy gosh! THESE are too cute and your blog is amazing! i just got married 3 months ago and am STILL obsessed with wedding blogs and ideas. If you don't have any good local stamp stores, where would you suggest finding those types of cute postage stamps? Or do you know any good places in Seattle? Keep up the beautiful work on this blog! simply amazing!!!

nina on May 13, 2009

Rustic + whimsical, but still elegant + pretty...great job!

Allie on May 13, 2009

Gorgeous! I too, LOOOVE the stamps! I have been looking all over but am not sure where & how to use these old stamps. You have to get ones that have never been used right? I also have 120 wedding invitations, will I be able to find enough stamps??? Thank you!

Katie on May 14, 2009

These are beautiful!!!

Naushin on May 14, 2009

Love! Especially the liners from vintage wallpaper... awesome detail.

Teresa on May 15, 2009

Perfection, right down to the string, the stamps and the liners. I'm dizzy.

Melinda on Jun 3, 2009

Is that a white inked pen? I'd really love to use black envelopes for my invitations but what I'd use to address them concerns me.

martine on Jun 12, 2009

looooove the stamps! how did you find so many in the same color?

Chrissy Parkinson on Jun 24, 2009

I did my own invites with pocket folds and this was the most affordable cite I found. They cut anything to the size you need and their shippping/ service is the best out of almost all of the vendors I have dealt with for my wedding. I even got paper for programs.

caroline on Nov 30, 2010

beautiful invites! im considering doing a similar look for some diy wedding invites that dont look diy.... do you have any templates for envelope liners??

Lorenza on Oct 16, 2011

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