Vintage Wallpaper Details

We love weddings with pretty patterns and colors, so we put together some fun DIYs using vintage wallpaper as the main attraction. The challenging part can be finding patterns that are unique, that go together, and that come in big enough pieces that you can use them for all sorts of projects throughout your wedding. But with enough scouring online or at a flea market, you can find some gems to make your wedding or event truly unique.

Actually, it doesn't have to be vintage. It's the cuteness of the patterns and the amount of material you get with each roll that makes it special. But you can find awesome deals on vintage rolls and the patterns tend to be really fun.

Because you have so much of it, wallpaper is an awesome way to carry a color theme through your entire wedding.

We made envelope liners (with matching vintage stamps!), paper flowers to use in arrangements and as place cards, plate chargers, and table runners. But the list of projects goes on. You could easily use it to back tags for favors, for a belly band around your invite suite, as details on your programs, perhaps for your menus, maybe even for coasters. Literally anywhere you plan to use paper you can incorporate your new friendly patterns! The envelope liner template we used was from Paper Source. You simply draw a line around the template and onto your paper, then cut it out and adhere with either double stick tape or a spot of rubber cement.

Finding vintage wallpaper is super duper easy. Ebay has an incredible assortment at all times and check out as well for more. Or go to Anthropologie for some beautiful newer options.

Here, we made cute little place card settings, fashioning wallpaper into cute flowers to set atop the table. We created the flowers by cutting petal shapes out of the vintage paper and adhering them to a stem using hot glue. Finish it off by wrapping the stem with ribbon.

See, cute right?

Or create a few to pop in a vase. Then you have a pretty arrangement that lasts forever. Happy crafting!