Found Object Save-the-date

Here’s a quick and sweet diy from Danni of Oh Hello Friend. Using simple vintage and found objects, some you may have around your house! This is a fun and affordable thing to make. Items like the tags and paper clips come in a packs of 100 or so for less than $10. So you’re really not spending a lot to make these. So here we go!

You will need: 

- Manilla tags

- Lace doilies

- Map and patterned paper

- Twine

- Stamps, charms, paper clips, etc

Step 1: Cut the doily in half place onto tag, leaving some extra room on the side to trim. Sew onto right side of the manila tag. Cut excess of the doily off so you have a nice straight edge.

Step 2: Cut out the paper with the date stamp and paper clip onto tag. Stamp your “save the date” onto the tag.

Step 3: Take your twine and tie around your tag and string charm onto the twine. Tie in knot.