Fabric Tape

We found this cute tutorial from Natalie Jost, on how to make your own fabric tape that we thought you all might like to see.

You will need:

- Ribbon, fabric strips, punched circles or other shapes
- Xyron sticker machine – 1.5″
- Extra refill for when you have too much fun and run out of the first roll

Cut strips of fabric or lengths of ribbon and feed them gently through the sticker machine, pulling the other end through to the left as shown. For thin ribbons, do a couple at a time to make the most of your sticker tape.

Pull the end and tear off the tape.

Using a bold bone folder or other flat hard tool (the butt of a screwdriver or a ruler will work too), press and rub the top of the tape to secure the glue. You’ll need to press a little more for fabric and thicker ribbon, like the twill tape. 

Peel off the top clear layer and you’re done! You can use lots of different things in your sticker machine. My favorite is twill ribbon. (Psst.. save 10% off your Olive Manna order with code "cake").

Happy crafting!