DIY concrete floral vase

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Lux & Jasper whipped up these DIY concrete vases up for their shoot and now we get to see how it’s done. Modern, industrial, even a bit rustic like in their editorial—these are sure to make spectacular centerpieces for soo many wedding styles. Okay, time to get creative.

Fine Concrete (the stuff without the sand bits) find at Home Improvement Stores
Bucket & Stir Stick
Spatula or Ladle
Foam Board
Duct Tape
Wood as Underground
Plastic or Cardboard Inserts (plastic/foam cups, round cardboard boxes, etc)

Step 1: Start out this easy project by preparing your foam board molds. Cut all sorts of different angles for a whimsical and modern look or go a more defined route by creating squares or triangles instead. Once you have your walls, duct tape together your molds. Your shapes can look a little wonky, as long as the bottom edge is sitting flat to the ground.

Step 2: Place your molds onto a wooden base. In your large bucket, mix your concrete with water, following the directions on the bag. You are aiming to get a wet mixture, something similar to pancake batter. The mixture should stick to the stirring stick or spatula. If it gets too watery add more concrete, if it gets too dry and clumpy, add more water. 

Step 3: Now you're ready to pour the concrete into the molds! With a spatula or ladle, fill to about 1-2 inches of the top and press in the insert. 

Note: The insert will float back up, so secure it with weights like gravel or small rocks or even water if you're using plastic inserts. Let the concrete dry overnight.

Step 4: Once the shapes are dry enough to handle, carefully take off the foam walls by cutting open the duct tape. Let the vases dry for another 1-2 days to really harden off.

Note: To remove cardboard inserts, float the holes with water and let it soak for about 2 hours. Then gently remove the cardboard. Plastic inserts can be left inside to create waterproof flower vases.

TIPS: If you use your containers as flower vases, use a plastic cup as the insert and press it in far enough, so that you can leave the cup in the concrete vase. We have found that even though hardened off, water seeps through the concrete and makes the vase wet.

OTHER WAYS TO USE: Create smaller shapes and create modern candle holders by pressing in tealights or taper candles. Or create a larger shape and use hurricane glasses as inserts for twinkling, romantic mood setters! Have fun with it!!

Photography: Rahel Menig Photography / Event design & Planning: Lux & Jasper / Floral design: Fionna Floral