Botanical Table Numbers

This unique and easy botanical project comes from Lindsey Zamora Wedding Styling + Design and Apryl Ann Photography. With some found leaves or petals, you can create modern table numbers. Click ahead to read the steps!

You will need:

- X-acto knife

- Card stock

- Mesh

- Pressed flowers

- Ruler

- Glue

- Double stick tape

- Scissors  

Step 1: Measure out and cut paper to desired width. Mine was about 5 inches. Then fold in half so it will stand on its own. 

Step 2: Tape the stencil to the card stock to secure it.

Step 3: With the stencil and X-acto knife, cut out the numbers.

Step 4: Tape the first layer of mesh to the inside of the paper.

Step 5: Align pressed flowers in desired location and tape or glue down in place.

Step 6: Add the second layer of mesh so the pressed flowers are as switched in between. Voila! You have modern table numbers!

Beautiful, right?

You’ll probably find new ways of using this technique for other projects, that’s how fun & simple they are.

Happy crafting!