Festive Garland from Designlovefest

Bri shared this amazing DIY garland project with us. Don't you just get cheery looking at it?

You will need:

• Card stock
• Scissors
• Pencil
• Sewing machine

For the triangle strand: with a pair of scissors, cut the sheet of card stock into 2 in wide strips.

Cut the card stock strips into triangles by holding the scissors at a 45 degree angle, cutting towards the corner of the strip. Cut in the opposite direction to complete the triangle.

Run each triangle through a sewing machine, slightly overlapping each to continue the stitch.
Get creative with the shapes you make. You can use a circle hole punch for the circle strand, and we are also fans of just the rectangle shapes…

Aren't the triangles so darn cute?

Lastly, hang! We used adhesive putty, but double sided tape or tacks would work just as well.

...another look

And there you have it! If you have leftover paper cutouts you can always use them as confetti on the table to tie the theme together.

Thanks for sharing, Bri!

Project by: Kamryn Stimpson for Designlovefest
Photos by: Kimberly Genevieve