Gold Confetti Backdrop

Throwing a modern wedding in a loft space? This super easy confetti backdrop will create the impact you need to add that "wow factor" at your wedding. Read through the steps to create. Happy crafting!


Large 40"x60" Piece of Foam Board
Box cutter
Yard Stick
Spray Glue
Poster Hanging Strips
Gold Confetti

Step 1:

Draw desired shape into foam board using pencil & yard stick (for straight lines). Next, use box cutter to cut out shape.

Step 2:

Protect your hands by using dish gloves. Make sure you use a drop cloth under your foam board to prepare for spraying paint. 

Step 3:

Spray glue onto installation pieces and press gold confetti onto the foam board. 

Step 4: 

Use hanging strips to mount to desired surface. Once you have all of your pieces placed in desired area, use your scissors, to trim the confetti. 


Project created by Hallie Slade of LB Events / Photos by Alders PhotographyStephanie Collins