First birthday taco party

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In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo and all things that are colorful, tasty, and festive, we’re going to share some decor ideas from Jillian’s son’s first birthday fiesta! We know this was a first birthday and all, but what better way to go into the weekend than with a vision of your near future of a belly full of tacos and cerveza! The details are easy enough that you can whip them up shortly after reading this post, should the creative bug strike you…

fiesta birthday party

Party necessity numero uno: bright streamers! They’re inexpensive, you can buy handfuls of rolls and hang them in alternating colors. For an even bigger impact, go wider, or try covering an entire wall’s length!

fiesta birthday party

fiesta birthday party

fiesta birthday party

fiesta birthday party

Papel picado is a must! It moves with the breeze and having decorations above you always helps to create a festive atmosphere. No one will blame you if you “accidentally” leave them up a few days longer either.

fiesta birthday party

The eats: black bean taquitos sprinkled with cilantro, guacamole, tortilla chips, seven layer dip, and sliced mango with cayenne paper. Mouthwatering bites, and they’re so quick to make, slice, heat up, or mash!

fiesta birthday party

fiesta birthday party

Oh… the sweets were delish. The cupcakes were vanilla with cream cheese frosting and topped with spiced mango. And for added sugar, a colorful sprinkled cake from Hotcakes Bakes.

fiesta birthday party

fiesta birthday party

Amanda added a cute punch of color to the cake stand by cutting orange tissue paper to make a fun fringe detail.

First birthday down, plenty more to go!

Photography: Scott Clark Photography / Decor: Jillian Clark / Cake: Hotcakes Bakes

Social Love

Martha on May 4, 2012

Super cute. Obvie. Happy Bday, Baby Boy!

Contempo Sofa on May 4, 2012

Well now you're just making me hungry

Lisa Raffo Ashley on May 4, 2012

So cute!!!

Tiffany Colvert on May 4, 2012

Seriously- Taco Bar!! I am in love!

Maria on May 4, 2012

Adorable! The colors are so bright and beautiful

Lauren O'Neill on May 4, 2012

Love this! Happy first birthday to Liam!!

Jennifer @ Simple Gestures Wedding Favors on May 4, 2012

so festive and adorable!!!

Jacquelyn {Jacquelyn Jackson Photography} on May 4, 2012

Super cute!!

Lenore Reinhard on May 7, 2012

What a cute party! Stumbled onto your site this morning through another site while looking for cute teacher appreciation ideas (love your tea wreath!). Just wanted to say it was so great “bumping” into someone who understands my obsession with making everything on Powerpoint! Since my son was little (he’s 10 now), I’ve made invitations, thank you notes, cake decorations, cupcake toppers, parts for kid crafts, coloring pages, tags, favor bags — everything you can imagine for a kid’s b’day party. The cakes are always a big hit — I make an 8-1/2×11 design in Powerpoint (including the “Happy Birthday, _______!), then take out a couple of the major parts of the picture (like the two largest fish on the fish cake) to be printed out separately. I have the bakery do a “photo” cake with the design. Cut out the parts that were printed separately and laminate back/front with clear packing tape. Glue a couple of new golf tees to the backs and insert into the cake where they were taken out of the design. Hope that makes sense! Good luck with your artistic endeavors!

charmingdate on Sep 25, 2012

Hope you can be happy forever !

Natalie on Jan 23, 2013

Where did you find your white papel picado? Hard to find here in Oz!

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