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Top engagement ring trends in 2020 by Taylor & Hart

November 18, 2020

Love is in the air. That’s right! Engagement season is upon us, pandemic or not. Today, we’ve teamed up with Taylor & Hart, who creates heartfelt custom engagement and wedding rings that capture your story, to provide some of their top engagement ring trends.

Engagement ring trends

Trend #1:  Lab-grown Diamonds

Couples are much more open to lab-grown diamonds and see it as the more affordable alternative to earth-grown ones. Engineered diamonds may not be perfectly sustainable as they require a huge amount of energy to be created, but still, they free your conscience from the burden of conflict mining which often goes undetected.

Serendipity in rose gold

Trend # 2 Colored gemstones

From yellow diamonds to purple sapphires, people are starting to appreciate the chance to express themselves more boldly with colored gemstones. 

Purple sapphire engagement ring Emerald engagement ring Purple sapphire engagement ring Platinum Sapphire engagement ring

Trend #3: Oval cut gemstones

This stone shape has replaced cushion cut from the second position, round always being the top choice. Fancy cuts like oval, pear and marquise make the fingers appear longer. 

Oval Sapphire engagement ring Rose gold engagement ring Purple sapphire engagement ring

Trend #4: Trilogy

One of our personal favorite trends, the Trilogy diamond design with baguettes.

Emerald engagement ring Diamond Trilogy engagement ring

Trend #5: Underhalos

When you look at the side profile of a ring with a hidden halo, you’ll see a row of pavé set diamonds holding the rim of the setting. This is a great way to customize your ring and make it look larger.

Pink Diamond under halo engagement ring trend Mixed metal solitaire engagement ring

Trend #6: Yellow gold

A classic choice that both sexes seem to love. This might be sparked by the ‘Meghan Markle effect’ of 2018 when her yellow gold trilogy engagement ring increased the popularity of the warm-toned metal.

Bespoke engagement ring Bespoke engagement ring

Trend #7: Narrow plain or pavé diamond bands

Clean, delicate design for more of a subtle appearance.

Stackable bands Stackable rings Organic inspired wedding band Bespoke engagement band

Thanks, Taylor & Hart! These are perfect trends with varying styles and pricepoint suitable for all kinds of brides.