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A festive party in Byron Bay with Spell & The Gypsy Collective

January 28, 2019
boho party floral install

So early in the year and we’ve already seen so many pretty tables, haven’t we? Lucy Ewing styled this festive party for the team at Spell & The Gypsy Collective to celebrate the end to an incredible 2018. They pulled off a perfectly modern boho fête at Byron Bay’s Orchard Estate—a working macadamia nut farm that boasts the prettiest black and white barn for events—where we wouldn’t mind seeing a real wedding or two. Your jaws will drop at all the spectacular deets…

boho party boho party

First things first, these colorful, tropical blooms by Nikau. Setting up a lovely scene here…

boho party boho party boho party floral install

Such a good floating floral install, huh? Be sure to check back later this morning for more in that category.

boho party boho party Byron Bay party Byron Bay party Byron Bay party

This year we took to the hills for an afternoon at the beautiful Orchard Estate in the Byron Bay Hinterland—a big modern barn that we transformed to create the setting for a magical evening with our team. We dined under a canopy of the most breathtaking floral arrangements dreamed up by Nikki & Nicole from Nikau, painted zodiac watercolour tiles with our dear friend Jai Vasicek, made DIY Gypsy Oils with Luxe Aestiva, delved a little deeper with intuitive readings, potted cacti in hand painted terracotta pots, and had our ears pierced! 

Byron Bay party boho party Byron Bay party Dead East Bar Co served up coconut margaritas for team Spell to sip on.

Byron Bay party boho party boho party boho party

Giant palm leaves and lanterns and lights, yes, yes, yes.

boho party Byron Bay party boho party

Looks like a pretty magical eve! See more in our gallery below:

So many fun ideas above, for upcoming parties and bridal showers, in our opinions. Thanks to Spell & The Gypsy Collective for sharing!

Hosts: Spell & The Gypsy Collective / Venue: Orchard Estate in Byron Bay / Event Manager & Stylist: Lucy Ewing / Florist: Nikau / Furniture Hire: The Wedding Shed & Hampton Event Hire / Ceramic: Handmade Hire / Bartenders: Dead East Bar Co / Catering: Anise Catering / Zodiac Tile Workshop: Jai Vasicek, & Ahoy Trader / DJ: Vinyl Richie Likes to Party / Gypsy Oil: Lux Aestiva / Cacti Potting: Nikau / Intuitive Readings: Zoe GameauJulia Rossmanith, & Angeline Meloche