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10 inspired floral bouquet ideas for 2019 weddings

January 18, 2019
Bright modern floral design

Happy Friday, Cakies! Have any of you noticed the major shift in wedding floral trends emerging as of late? While we’ve certainly never met a bouquet we didn’t like, we have to say, modern, structural, minimal floral designs have stolen our hearts in 2019. But let’s start with not that, shall we? Color and texture just keep winning, and Tulipina Design is a master when it comes to this always trending style.

minimal natural feminine bouquet

Delicate pinks and dried goodness via Bleedfoot Florals on Pinterest.

Blush tropical florals

Yes yes yes to blushy (or BOLD) tropicals for 2019. Anthurium, or laceleaf, is everyone’s fave tropical bloom. LOVE when they’re mixed with unexpected blossoms or foraged pieces to create a truly unique floral moment. (via pinterest)

modern bridal bouquet from Studio Mondine

And here it is again in this earthy fall bouquet by Studio Mondine. / Photo by Norman & Blake Modern yellow bouquet by siren floral co Siren Floral Co always leads the way with bouquet trends and this monochromatic yellow bouquet is no exception. / Photo by This Modern Romance Minimal japanese inspired florals

Too minimal? NAH. Ikebana is the natural progression of the simple beauty we’ve been falling in love with of late. (image credit)

Dried flower bridal bouquet

You’ll be seeing more of this dried flower bridal bouquet on Monday, thanks to Betty Flowers Santorini and George Liopetas.

Fall foliage bouquet

Fall brides already planning? We’d love to see more pure foliage bouquets and arrangements out there. Let mother nature do her thing, during that special time of year. (via Soil and Stem.)

Delicate dried florals from Sarah Winward

Creams, tans, soft pinks, and mints are so so very in, as evidenced by this oldie but forever goodie from Sarah Winward on Rip/Tan.

Waterlily bouquet

Single bloom bouquets, yes PLS. Let a favorite flower be *the* statement, you know? (from Running Wild Florals.)

Who else is excited to swoon over all the bouquets that 2019 weddings inspire? (All hands at the 100LC HQ raised!)