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Modern, one-of-a-kind design installations by Ashley Renuart

August 28, 2018
installation art

Eeeeek! Isn’t this iridescent installation SOOOO insanely cool?! Talented artist and designer Ashley Renuart is behind these epic installs, and after seeing her work at the LA summer party last month, we had to learn more about her inspiration, her process, and how she got started in such a creative line of work. Get inspired by our q+a with her below, and be sure to follow her on insta for even more mindblowing designs.

installation art

(Photos by Plum & Oak Photo)

How did you get started in creating installations?
I studied fine art in college, graduating with a BA degree in painting and printmaking. I then began working for Anthropologie, a retail company with whom I spent most of my 20’s creating displays and installations for. I truly grew up within the company, learning so much about myself and creative potential during that period of my life. My formal and applied skills are both self-taught and graciously collected from talented colleagues, artists, mentors, and friends over the years. With all this knowledge and experience under my belt, I knew it was time to branch out for myself. Two years ago after giving birth to our daughter, I made the hard (and very emotional) decision to part ways with Anthropologie to pursue work of my own. I began partnering with local San Diego businesses, helping transform and elevate their retail spaces and events through custom sculpture, display and fixture builds.

installation art installation

(Photos by Aga Maru from this tropical summer party)


How do you get inspired for your projects? Any particular influences or people that inspire you?
I find that my most authentic ideas come to me while hiking and spending solo time in nature. Allowing myself to slow down, mentally detach from the day-to-day, and observe nature makes space for new ideas and a fresh perspective… Other times I’ll happen upon a new material and be jolted with an idea while walking the aisles of Home Depot!

installation art installation art

What’s your process in creating these installations?
Creating custom installations means that every job has its own set of expectations and parameters. Therefore my creative process looks different for every project! Working with a wide range of mediums keeps me in a constant state of discovery. It challenges me to continually explore new ideas, unique materials and push the envelope for each and every client.

installation art installation art

What’s your favorite material to work with?
I most enjoy working with elements found in nature, particularly flora and grasses native to southern California. I am drawn to and rely heavily on juxtaposition in my personal work; exploring the relationship between masculine and feminine, organization and chaos, natural and manmade, through the transformation and manipulation of these found/gathered materials.

SamErica-Studios---NATIVE-POPPY installation art

(The prettiest blush pink baby’s breath made up this install!)

installation art

(Above six images by SamErica Studios)

Thanks to Ashley Renuart for sharing her design process with us. We’re obsessed!