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Boho pastel macrame wedding ideas at Studio 1904 in Portland

November 13, 2017

So, we’re pretty sure we’ll *always* have a thing for macrame (thanks, Pinterest!), but seeing this boho pastel editorial from Something Borrowed PDX and Maria Lamb at the intimate, industrial event space that is Studio 1904, we’re more in love than ever before. And it’s not just this incredible cake, either… Custom macrame is incorporated in every aspect of this design:

Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography015 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography033 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography051

This pastel-hued spring wedding inspiration shoot began as a collaboration between the event designers at Something Borrowed and the botanical wizards at Solabee Flowers. We came together with an idea to create a light, airy and modern “macrame garden” in a beautiful, sunlit space. We imagined weaving tendrils of vines and flowers into a ceremony arch, as if they were part of a macrame design. We also wanted to incorporate lots of rich textures and a pastel gradient of rosy pink, peach, marigold, earthy green, and turquoise.

Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography027 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography014 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography016 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography018 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography021 Holly Meuller Home was behind the boho lounge backdrop, while Lindsey Turman created the custom archway, and Brooke Ciocco dreamt up the piece you’ll see over the buffet below. Such good work, you guys!

Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography024 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography025 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography190 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography032 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography035 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography047 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography177

The macrame tassel details were echoed in the Bride’s earrings by Demimonde and the linen napkins on the dining tables. The lounge space and dining areas showcased bright, modern furniture, rustic wood details and earthy ceramics by Tamara Bryan Pottery. Our real couple, Lara and Steve Roth, wore casual wedding looks from BHLDN and Topman to suit the laid back, natural vibe. Studio 1904, a historic building in downtown St. Johns, created a perfect backdrop for the party. The room is flooded with natural light and features rustic exposed brick walls and airy open spaces.

Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography163 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography052 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography054 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography055 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography062 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography068

In case your wondering (because we so were!), the signature cocktail Desert Rose that White Pepper PDX whipped features jalepeño infused Espolón Tequila Reposado, Vida Mezcal, ginger, lime, rose water, and aloe. Yum.

Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography073 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography184 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography077 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography079 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography090 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography083 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography088 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography096 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography099 Solabee sure does have a way with pretty pastel blooms!

Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography101 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography104 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography106 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography115 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography147 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography122 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography145

Hungry yet? Kudos to White Pepper PDX on all the sips and bites throughout.

Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography128 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography135 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography170 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography182 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography213 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography156 Macrameportalndwedding_marialambphotography160

Yep, boho macrame forever! Congrats to the team below on such an inspiring wedding shoot…

Photography: Maria Lamb / Venue: Studio 1904 / Design, Styling, Production, & Rentals: Something Borrowed PDX / Floral Design: Solabee / Hair & Makeup: Austie Eckley / Paper Goods & Signage: Letters & Dust / Cake: Artisan Cake Co/Sugar Geek Show / Food & Bar: White Pepper PDX / Custom Macrame: Lindsey Turman (archway), Brooke Ciocco (over the buffet), & Holly Meuller Home (behind the lounge) / Ceramics: Tamara Bryan Pottery / Bouquet Ribbon: Pistils & Stamen / Ring Box (invitation suite still life): The Mrs Box / Gowns: BHLDN / Earrings: Demimonde / Suit: Topman / Talent: Lara & Steve Roth