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Free wedding giveaway with Ace Hotel + YEAH! Weddings

August 15, 2017

WEDDING WINNER: Congratulations to Jasmine & Alain who won our wedding giveaway. We’ll be sharing more details as they begin planning their wedding!!!

Sure, we’re a bit biased, but we can’t think of a more epic giveaway than a wedding giveaway. Especially one being offered up by our super talented industry friends at Yeah! Weddings who hooked up with The Nouveau Romantics and the Ace Hotel for an all-inclusive dream wedding on November 5th at Ace Hotel New Orleans. If you’ve been following along on Insta, you know that after four rounds, they’ve narrowed it down to five finalists, all vying for a chance at their dream NOLA wedding this fall.

And because we’re way into sharing inspiring love stories around here, we’ve got all 5 of their final statements and a few of their entry highlights to share. Read on and help the team choose a winner by casting your vote in the comments below.

Free wedding giveaway with YEAH! Weddings

Couple #1: Jasmine + Alain | Watch J + A’s round three video + and round four video.
Alain and I deserve to win because our resilience and love reflect the same values and traditions found in New Orleans. We would love the opportunity to go back to NOLA so that we can tie the knot in the same city we got engaged!

Couple #2: David + Franco | Watch D + F’s round three video + round four video.
Marriage is about more than two people, so lets throw a disco for those that helped our love grow!!!

Couple #3: Terra + Jane | Watch T + J’s round three video and round four video.
As the first generation of queer couples to have the legal right to marry, we don’t have a societal script after which to model our relationships. This is both a struggle and a beautiful, rare thing—a freedom. We have had to dig in, get vulnerable and commit to our individual growth as a way to get real with each other and our extraordinary, messy, human selves. Over the past five years we have loved each other through loss, success and even cancer. We are over the moon by this opportunity to take the next step in our love and commitment so that we might be an example for many generations to come.

Couple #4: Bronson + Sam | Watch S + B’s round three video and round four video.
We’re underdogs from worlds apart that grow, laugh, love and have a million memories in-between. This is our chance to bring our two worlds together and have one hell of a party.

Couple #5: Jametria + Triana | Watch J + T’s round three videos here + here.
In spite of life’s uncertainty and the world’s inconsistent messaging regarding our civil, equal and equitable right to unite as one, there is one constant that drives us: LOVE. We deserve to win because WE FIGHT daily for our rights, WE LIVE our truth, and WE LOVE ourselves, each other, and those who feel unloved or refuse to show love; after all, love is the highest law… LOVE ALWAYS WINS!!  

Click the links above for a sampling of the fun, creative entries these 5 couples have submitted throughout the past month. Then, vote in the comments below telling us which couple should win their dream wedding from Yeah! Weddings, The Nouveau Romantics + Ace Hotel New Orleans. Hurry, voting ends Friday 8/18 at 10am PST.

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