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guesterly wedding guides

March 2, 2017

We see a lot of clever wedding ideas here at 100LC, from classic traditions reinvented to one of a kind details. And we love it. All of it. Especially when it comes to something we just haven’t seen before, like this these handy little all-inclusive flipbooks above. guesterly is a fun way to share all the deets of your wedding day with guests, while at the same time including them in on the action.

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It’s like a pocket-sized yearbook just for your guests. Instead of a standard wedding program, it’s about welcoming your friends and fam and getting them in on all the fun. You can include a program and other details about your day, as well as wedding party bios or even the bios of all the others in attendance—super helpful for all you with big guest lists that you want to still feel intimate.


And yep, you totally can create ones that fit perfectly with your wedding theme. More on that below!


Here’s how it works: You create your own booklets (for as little as $4 a piece), which is quick and easy to do via guesterly.com. On their site, you’re able to ask guests questions to help you fill your guesterly with fun facts and bios. Then you create a welcome message, add in any deets, and start creating your book with custom designs and countless colors and fonts. Once you’re finished, you can print it on heavy, luxury Mohawk paper or go digital with an e-guesterly.


We’re thinking this would make a pretty good conversation piece for any guests meeting each other for the first time!


Isn’t this a sweet welcome bag idea, too? There’s a ton of ways you can share these guys, whether in the welcome bag, place setting, or as a digital flipbook that can double as a paperless program. After the event, they make pretty neat keepsakes for everyone involved.


If you’re worried about going the DIY route, don’t be—they have in-house graphic designers that look over the design of each one before they’re printed or sent out.


Unique wedding ideas for the win! Head to guesterly.com to create your own custom event guide, and get 20% off when you use promo code 100layercake.