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100 Layer Cake best of 2016: bridal bouquets

December 27, 2016
Wedding cakes were pretty mindblowing this year, huh? It’s no wonder most of them were adorned with flowers, considering just the floral wedding details that inspired them. As far as bridal blooms, this was the year of big bouquets—fuller and filled to the brim with more flowers + greenery than ever before. Brides wanted something that looked natural and wild and undeniably romantic. So many of them included classic wedding flowers like peonies, dahlias, and garden roses surrounded by every type of green. Even the most modern bouquets had that free-spirited boho twist…

Peony bridal bouquet

Peony bouquet by Rose Apple Flowers | Photo by Heart and Colour  | See wedding!

(You’ll probably never see a best-of post without a peony bouquet, and the blooms in this feature are exactly why they’ll never go out of style.)

Fall bridal bouquet

Winter bouquet by Vave Studios | Photo by Jenn Emerling of YEAH! weddings | See wedding!

(Overflowing with beauty. Don’t miss their floral arch + reception table arrangements either!)

Spring wedding bouquet

Spring bouquet by Running Wild Florals | Photo by Mary Costa Photography | See wedding! Bohemian bridal bouquet

Natural bouquet by Ponderosa and Thyme | Photo by Lyndsay of Minted Photography | See wedding! Tropical wedding bouquet

Tropical bouquet by Honey & Poppies | Photo by Logan Cole | See wedding! tropical bridal bouquet

Tropical bouquet by Ella and Louie | Photo by I Heart My Groom | See wedding! Peony bridal bouquet

Spring bouquet by Holly Heider Chapple Flowers | Photo by Katie Stoops Photography | See wedding! Fall bridal bouquet

Fall bouquet by Burst + Bloom | Photo by Evynn LeValley | See wedding!

(This Big Sur wedding was one of our top posts. We’re thinking the incredible views, red wedding dress, and this bouquet could have something to do with it…)

romantic bouquet

Bouquet by Chiara Sperti Flower Events | Photo by Melissa Gidney | See bridal shoot! Spring bridal bouquet

Dahlia bouquet by We + You Studios | Photo by Allen Tsai Photography | See wedding!

Can you even pick a #1 fave? Stay tuned for the best bridal gowns of 2016 later this week!