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Love is Alive by Shark Pig Weddings

November 11, 2016
Love is alive

You’re familiar with our friends + A-list members, the videographers at Shark Pig, right? Well, they just launched their film Love is Alive for you all to see. While you’ll always find that 100LC is a space filled with the beauty that surrounds folks on their big days, what you can’t see right away is all that these couples and families and friends do to support one another through thick and thin. This has been a tough week for many of us and it is more important than ever before to lend support and come together to fight for love however we can, in gestures big and small.

Love is Alive is a collection of weddings that Shark Pig has documented over the years, and it is one serious reminder that yes, truly, love is VERY much alive. The film also features the beautiful song Fountain of Youth by Local Natives, a few members of which make an appearance in the video.

(We wouldn’t blame ya if you watched it once or twice again to let it all sink in. We did.)

From the crew at Shark Pig Weddings: Love is Alive. Maybe it doesn’t seem like it, but it’s true. The Shark Pig Weddings team has traveled all over the world in search of Love, and we found it. We found it living in many forms, and in many people. We watched it make people laugh and dance and cry and kiss. We’ve observed the way that Love brings people together. It can turn two families into one. It heals and transforms. Amongst all our differences as humans, Love is a commonality. It joins us. People have tried to describe Love in all kinds of terms. We prefer to describe with image and music. In a time where there’s a lot of hate, Love is alive. This is the proof.

Know anyone that could use a lift this week? We hope you’ll pass on this video to those who need to see it. And if you liked the film, be sure to check out Shark Pig and Local Natives, whose new album is available now.

(top photo by Hudson Nichols)