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Midsummer Nights Dream wedding inspiration

September 2, 2016
midsummer nights dream wedding inspiration

This magical styled shoot Bethany Snyder sent our way was inspired by a passage from A Midsummer Night’s dream—think enchanting gardens, an air of secrecy, and a touch of whimsy. Even better, she + Katarzyna Borek sent along a few quick tips for channeling this look on your day.

midsummer nights dream wedding inspiration midsummer nights dream wedding inspiration

Beautiful words by Bethany SnyderEnchantments are everywhere, glowing deeply in the hot golden sun as it slips behind the blue hills. They stir within a soul by the sounds of joy as they are released from grinning lips, pulsing steadily within two hearts colliding, making ripples that go on forever. Magic has always existed, and always will, in a world where there is love.

midsummer nights dream wedding inspiration

Tip #1: Add texture and movement. Whether it’s fresh herbs, wood, feathers or berries, texture adds an extra appeal to decorations. There’s a magical quality to fabrics and details that easily move with a little breeze or brush of your hand.

midsummer nights dream wedding inspiration floral summer cocktail

Tip #2: For an ethereal, classic look, go soft with the colors. Let the people and the details be the star and focus while the soft colors naturally and seamlessly blend into your theme.

midsummer nights dream wedding inspiration midsummer nights dream wedding inspiration

Tip #3: Add found pieces from nature in your details and go wild. Sticks, vines, wildflowers, moss and stones add an authenticity and present nature to any party. Do not be afraid of the rough edges, uneven shapes and asymmetrical bouquets.

drippy layer cake

Their last tip? Location! Make sure the location has a lot of nature. Some of the most magical locations are places with trees that can catch the light as it twinkles through the leaves, or where you can hear trickling of a nearby stream. It can also play an important role in adding to the secret garden aesthetic when your guest is surrounded by green accompanied by your whimsical decorations. 

The Clifton Inn IS straight from a dream, don’t you think? Thanks to the creatives below for sharing their secrets today.

Photographer: Bethany Snyder / Venue: The Clifton Inn / Florals & Styling: Katarzyna Borek / Hair: Topknot Studio / Makeup: Elizabeth Wilson / Calligraphy: Joie de Vivre / Cake: Maliha Creations / Textiles: Willow Knows / Dress: Gossamer / Jewelry: Elaine B / Model (dark hair): Elizabeth Wilson / Model (red hair): Andrea Hertzler