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Dark, romantic Venice wedding inspiration

March 17, 2014
Dark-and-romantic -Venice-wedding-ideas-4

It would be kinda hard to shoot on the canals of Venice and not have it turn out gorgeous. Gondolas passing, quaint sidewalk cafes, centuries old architecture—enough said. But even so, Heather Waraksa and Chic Weddings really outdid themselves with this bit of bridal inspiration. It’s dark, mysterious, elegant, and distinctly European.

Dark-and-romantic--Venice-wedding-ideas-23 Dark-and-romantic -Venice-wedding-ideas-5 Dark-and-romantic -Venice-wedding-ideas-2 Dark-and-romantic--Venice-wedding-ideas-24 Dark-and-romantic--Venice-wedding-ideas-31 Dark-and-romantic--Venice-wedding-ideas-21 Dark-and-romantic -Venice-wedding-ideas-3

Gold calligraphy on black paper always gets us. Love.

Dark-and-romantic--Venice-wedding-ideas-22 Dark-and-romantic -Venice-wedding-ideas-9 Dark-and-romantic -Venice-wedding-ideas-7 Dark-and-romantic -Venice-wedding-ideas-1 Dark-and-romantic -Venice-wedding-ideas-6 Dark-and-romantic--Venice-wedding-ideas-25 Dark-and-romantic -Venice-wedding-ideas-14 Dark-and-romantic -Venice-wedding-ideas-15 Dark-and-romantic--Venice-wedding-ideas-26 Dark-and-romantic -Venice-wedding-ideas-16

We’re guessing that one of the best parts of tying the knot in Italy has got to be the cuisine. That squid ink pasta is looking mighty tasty.

Dark-and-romantic--Venice-wedding-ideas-32 Dark-and-romantic -Venice-wedding-ideas-10 Dark-and-romantic -Venice-wedding-ideas-13 Dark-and-romantic -Venice-wedding-ideas-11 Dark-and-romantic -Venice-wedding-ideas-12 Dark-and-romantic--Venice-wedding-ideas-28 Dark-and-romantic -Venice-wedding-ideas-18 Dark-and-romantic -Venice-wedding-ideas-20

Hello, McQueen! Heather says, We wanted to show that a black wedding dress doesn’t need to fall into the category of gothic wedding. It can be very charming, elegant, yet different.

Dark-and-romantic--Venice-wedding-ideas-29 Dark-and-romantic--Venice-wedding-ideas-33

Thanks to everyone below for sharing this beautiful shoot with us!

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Photographer: Heather Waraksa / Event Design: Chic Weddings / Hair: Eva Fassina / Makeup: Francesca Piva / Flowers: Fioreria Roma / Stationery: East Six NY / Cake: Maria Luisa Zennaro / Rentals: Rosa Salva Venezia / Dresses: Alexander McQueen & Anna Rita from Out Cheri Atelier Treviso / Film Processing: Richard Photo Lab / Models: Serena Casellato & Gianluca Traverso