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Guest tote: Washington, D.C.

June 10, 2011

After an amazing wedding in SoCal yesterday we thought we’d travel East for a new guest tote edition. This one was created by Lauren, who’s our super talented intern from DC. If you’re getting married in the area she’s gathered some sweet treats to help greet your guests in style. Thanks Lauren!

DC Guest Tote

1. Metro map + farecard for traveling around
2. A compass for navigating DC’s NW from SE
3. Spring Cherry traveler’s tea
4. Georgetown Cupcake
5. The daily WaPo
6. Handy pocket guide to Politics Chit-Chat for All Occasions
7. Chocolate US coins
8. Tickets + Cracker Jacks for a Nats game (season permitting)
9. Vintage DC postcards to write home about
10. And of course, all in a canvas boat tote, perfect for a harbor cruise on the Potomac